Honeymoon in Malaysia

The best honeymoon destinations in Malaysia

Tastes differ when it comes to spending their honeymoon, as this vacation is unlike any other, and it is an opportunity for newlyweds to get to know each other well and spend the most romantic times in their lives! Some people just relax on a great beach or practice various water sports.
And there are others who just want to take their loved ones on their first real adventure together, so some couples are starting to turn their gaze toward adventure destinations. Whatever your taste is in the place where you dream of honeymooning, Malaysia includes among its borders a large number of destinations that are thirsty for adventure. Browse our honeymoon topics to get more innovative ideas for this exceptional vacation. Here are also the top 10 destinations in Malaysia if you want an exciting honeymoon!

The cost of the honeymoon in Malaysia

1. Honeymoon between mountains and countryside – Cameron Highlands, Pahang State

If you want to escape the very hot city weather and want to try a cooler atmosphere, the Malaysian countryside is the perfect choice, with lush greenery, tea plantations, high mountains, fragrant flowers and winding rivers. Cameron Highlands will amaze you as you wander among the mountains with your loved ones, just as the sunset will hold your breath, do not miss these little delights that will give your life an unforgettable impact!
The most important landmarks and activities awaiting you in the Cameron Highlands:

  • Visit the bee farm, the butterfly farm and the Pooh farm to produce tea and strawberry plantations.
  • Take a jungle excursion.
  • Savor traditional foods that are cooked in a hot pot in front of you.
  • Explore the beautiful waterfalls and Cactus Valley.
  • Don’t miss the Time Tunnel Museum.
  • Walk around the weekend markets.

2. A honeymoon full of adventure – Borneo Island

Get a little away from urban life and indulge your senses in the mountain scenery that Born in Borneo has forever! Take a kayak in the charming rivers, relax in the hot springs, or wander through the lush forests to see some plants and animals, then get to know the vibrant villages of Borneo closely. Is there more romantic activity on this adventure on Borneo island in Malaysia? Few find a better place than it. In it, you eat with the one you love in the lush forests and watch the wildlife in Borneo surround you from all sides, and where you form the most beautiful memories with your other half!
The most important landmarks and activities awaiting you in Borneo
  • Relax on the island of Borneo, amidst the wonderful scenery
  • Visit Kinabalu National Park and enjoy the breathtaking views of the boardwalk.
  • See the Danum Valley of natural beauty whose wild or wild jungle animal is less similar.
  • Climbing Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Southeast Asia.
  • Relax on one of the lush tropical islands.
  • Explore an underwater world on Sipadan Island, home to the world’s best diving sites.

3. Quiet honeymoon vacation – Beach Resort on Langkawi Island

Is there anything more amazing than solitude with your loved one at one of the best tourist resorts in the world on Langkawi Island? The Datai Langkawi is the best romantic resort for newlyweds or those eager to break the routine of everyday life, as it stands opposite lush rainforest trees amid incredible views of the Andaman Sea. Not only that, but this five-star resort also guarantees complete privacy and offers everything you expect from upscale modern luxuries, such as massages, private beaches, sea-view dinners, barbecues on the beach, as well as special trips for couples so they can feel unparalleled silence on the face Earth!

Honeymoon in Malaysia – the most important landmarks and activities awaiting you on Langkawi Island

  • Live the tranquility of camping.
  • Take a romantic stroll on the beach with your partner.
  • Watch the beautiful sunset.
  • Walk around the island.
  • Spend a good time snorkeling, windsurfing or canoeing.
  • Walk long distances through the woods.
  • Have a romantic dinner with candle lights.

4. Explore the historical city of Malacca

With the ancient charm of newlyweds, Malacca attracts one of the best honeymoon destinations in Malaysia for those who wish to explore cultural and historical sites. The charm of Malacca is not limited to the history, art and culture that it abounds in, but its visitors also find many activities suitable for a relaxing holiday. In the historic Malaysian city of Malacca, you feel as if your dream has come true, as it is the passion of history buffs, food lovers and shopping lovers!

  • Visit art galleries and sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • Shop as you wish on Jonker Street.
  • Take a river cruise and see unforgettable views.
  • Don’t miss the Old Dutch Municipal Hall and the Old Sultan Malacca Palace Museum (exact copy).
  • Explore churches, museums, and remains of an ancient Portuguese fort.

5. A honeymoon in the rainforest in Taman Negara Park

It’s time to get away from the bright lights of the city and escape to the ancient Taman Negara forests dating back more than 130 million years! Taman Negara is a natural wonder, it includes endemic plants and animals and amazing indigenous tribes. From the moment you arrive in Taman Negara, prepare to hold your breath, brightly colored butterflies and an unfamiliar wildlife awaits.
The cost of our honeymoon in Malaysia – the most important landmarks and activities awaiting you in Taman Negara:

  • Take a night walking tour of the woods.
  • Experience a thrilling adventure with rush activity on the water slopes on a boat, one of the best recommended activities in Taman Negara.
  • Explore the limestone caves in the Goa Telinga region.
  • Paddled in the river in the ancient tropical rainforest from Kuala Terengganu to Kuala Tahan.
  • Walk along the Tahan River and see the panoramic views of all these natural areas.

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