Marshall Islands

It is a country located in the western side of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by the north side Nauru and Kiribati, and from the eastern side Micronesia, and from the south side Wake Island that officially belongs to the United States of America, and has been under American control for a period of four decades, until it got Its independence in the year 1986 AD.

Name and date

It was named after the British pole known as John Marshall, which he managed to reach with the help of his friend, Captain Gilbert, who lived in the so-called Gilbert Islands, according to him, which is near Marshall, where he discovered the archipelago in the year 1788 AD, when he was doing The transfer of a group of prisoners to the region of New South Wales, and the first to be inhabited by the Polynesians, and that was in the second millennium BC.


It includes a group of islands whose number reaches about twenty-nine islands called coral, in addition to five islands separate from them and the largest area, and these islands are divided into two parts; the first is called ratac and the second is ralik, which means sunrise and sunset in succession, including about twenty four inhabited islands and the rest is not Inhabited by the population, including Bukaka, Bikar, Bikini and Ilingia Atoll, in addition to Ojilang, Toki, Nadikak, Jemo and others, most of them are located at the same sea level.

Economic resources

Its economic resources vary, the most important of which are:

  • Agriculture: so crops and small farms are common in them. The most important of these crops are watermelons and tomatoes, in addition to coconut and breadfruit.
  • Industry: depends on a group of industries and small handicrafts, such as processing fish or coconut pulp in particular dried.
  • Tourism: It is an important source of cash for foreigners, and it occupies less than 10% of the total workforce.
  • Fishing: one of the most prominent resources in it. In the year 1999, a company was established for a whole factory to produce specific types of fish, most notably tuna, and it employed more than four hundred employees, but it was closed in 2005 while trying to produce steaks of tuna, which was a burden Physically, this led to the accumulation of debts and the government’s resort to completely closing the company.
  • Energy: On the fifteenth of September of the year 2007 AD, a person named Wheaton Barry announced the use of coconut oil as a substitute for the fuel used to run cars and electric generators, in addition to ships because coconut is grown largely on these islands, and according to statistics, the dried coconut pulp in particular produces About ten grains, ranging from one to six liters of oil or fuel.

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