Bali Islands

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Bali is one of the islands within Indonesia, its capital is Denpasar, located west of the Sunda Islands, between Java from the west to Lubbock in the east, and it is one of the island’s states that number thirty-four, with an area of ​​5,636 km2, it is considered the smallest province in the country, but it is considered A unique and unique tourist destination, it is famous for the arts in a very sophisticated way; such as sculpture, painting, metal, leather, music, traditional and modern dance.

Bali Islands

Bali Islands is the largest tourist destination in the country, as it is considered one of the most famous islands of its beautiful nature and the splendor of its architectural designs, so that it is considered an island of tropical paradise, and for this reason millions of foreign tourists come to it, and from all countries of the world; to enjoy the sandy beaches of the island every year, where It is characterized by its splendid tropical atmosphere, its surfing pleasure, and in 2011 Bali was considered one of the best islands of the world, which ranks second after Greece.

Bali climate

Bali is characterized by its various seasons, just like any other tropical island. There is a rainy season, which is usually between November to April, according to each region and the other, and the temperatures most of the time are between 26 and 35 degrees Celsius, and it often rains daily and for hours As for the dry season, it starts from May to October, and temperatures are mostly between 26 and 36 degrees Celsius.

The most famous tourist sites in Bali

Among the most famous tourist sites in the islands of Bali are the town of Kuta, and the outer surroundings of Legian and Seminyak, in addition to the town of Sanur located in the east coast in the middle of Ubud island, and there are many unforgettable trips, which can be taken through the Odyssey SAP Marina submarine.

Where trips are organized by submarine in amounts ranging from 60 to 80 dollars, where they dive into the depths to see colorful fish, and they land until about 100 meters, to see corals and old ships, and they stay at the bottom for about an hour, and rowing in the waterfalls is one of the most beautiful activities that can be Play in Bali, where waterfalls and water flow in the middle of the forest.

As for couples on their honeymoon or looking for relaxation, they will find what they are looking for in the wonderful beaches of Bali, especially Seminyak Beach, which is characterized by its clear waters, and the possibility of a number of marine activities, as well as Dreamland Beach, it is a very suitable place to restore vitality and activity and enjoy privacy .


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