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Mute city

One of the Sudanese cities located in the northern side of Darfur to the west of Sudan, and rises from the sea level about one thousand one hundred and twenty seven meters, nine hundred and eighty eight kilometers from the capital Khartoum, and from the city of El Fasher about one hundred and twenty kilometers, which is the main source of vegetables in the state , And hosts a large local market every week.


To the north is the plateau of the Jebel Marra, and there is a group of volcanic hills in it, the most important of which are the Berthi hills and the Tqabu hills, and from a biological point of view lies in the scope of a basaltic volcanic field in particular, in the southwestern side of it is the largest volcanic field which is the mountain of Medop, which in turn includes a group of flows , Lava, and volcanic craters, which date back to an era called the late Pleistocene or another called Advanced Holocene, and from its famous mountains, Mount Tono, twenty-five kilometers to the eastern side of it, and Mount Hamra, thirty-seven kilometers away.

There is also a group of valleys, the most prominent of which is the Kutum Valley, which extends from the southern side to the north, in an area estimated at three hundred kilometers, interspersed with a group of small valleys, the most important of which are the Amu Valley and Fulu, and the Fatta Borno Valley in addition to Wadi Kassab, and another group that runs close to the city, the most important of which is the Valley Manu is twenty-four kilometers, in addition to the Birkula Valley, thirty-seven kilometers.

The economic activity

Most of the residents of the city of Kutm practice agriculture, whether it intends to rain or automated irrigation, in addition to caring for orchards and agricultural crops, the most prominent of which are vegetables such as tomatoes and onions, and fruits such as lemon and orange, in addition to corn and millet, while others practice the care of livestock and grazing sheep, which helps to This is because it occurs on the most important camel trails traveling from the north to the south, and vice versa. It also includes a group of government nurseries in particular, which help to improve the quality of the cows and how to prepare them.


Although it belongs to another state, it contains a group of tribes and clans, represented by the following departments:

  • Jaber House Management.
  • Sweeney House Management.
  • Dar Perry Management.
  • The management of the home of Frouk, in addition to Anka and Frang.

Neighboring villages

  • Balala Village: It is about twelve kilometers from it.
  • Sureh: which is twenty-six kilometers.
  • Naro: It is about twenty nine kilometers away.
  • Abu Skane: thirty kilometers away.
  • Conga: Thirty-one kilometers away.
  • Touria: which is about thirty two kilometers.
  • Gemmiza: It is about twenty seven kilometers.
  • God bless: twenty-six kilometers.

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