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Where is the city of Tartus located?

The city of Tartus is located in the western side of the state of Syria, specifically on the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean Sea in the southern side of the city of Latakia, and the amount is 250 km on the northern side of the city of Damascus, and the amount is 30 km from the borders of the Lebanese state.

Climate of Tartous

The climate of Tartous is characterized by a moderate climate on the coast. In the highlands of this city, the climate is cool in the summer.

Tourism in the city of Tartus

The city of Tartus contains many tourist places that were the most important reasons for its origins, the city’s location, its ancient history and the diversity of its nature, as it contains many lakes, resorts and tourist villages, in addition to the various archeological sites dating back to a thousand years BC, and is characterized as being the second gateway to Europe after The city of Lattakia, as it is linked to other cities by many highways that are covered by an extensive network, and the city of Tartous is characterized by the connection of its seaport to all the cities overlooking the Mediterranean.

Information about the city of Tartus

We mention some facts and information about the city of Tartous as follows:

  • Area: Tartous has an area of ​​1892 km2.
  • population: The population of the city of Tartus is 15,500,000, according to the 2014 census.
  • The language: The Arabic language is the official language spoken by the people of Tartous.
  • the airport: Rafic Hariri Airport is located on its territory.

A brief history of Tartous

The city of Tartus was founded in ancient times, and it was called Entarados, and was rebuilt by Emperor Constantine I in 346 AD. It flourished during the Romen and Byzantine times, and the Crusaders occupied it in the Middle Ages. At that time they were named after Tortosa, then the Arabs expelled them in 1291 AD, and their importance declined since the beginning of Ottoman rule until its port was renewed in the twentieth century.

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