The Philippines

A group of islands located in southeast Asia, west of the Pacific Ocean, which is an archipelago of 7107 islands

The reservation was for 4 people who booked their tickets on Etihad Airways from Riyadh to Manila at approximately 1,850 riyals from May 10 to May 21 transit by going 8 hours and returning transit 6 hours
We also found reservation of 750 dirhams direct and return from Riyadh to Manila from the date of May 7 to May 20 on the Philippine budget cebu pacific

On the date of May 6, at 10 we arrived at the airport

We waited until about 2 o’clock. They opened over the 8 other counters, 4 more to catch the plane because it was late.

Of course, the plane has a 3-3-3 system, and the last one is 2-3-2 seats

Inside the plane, the weather is very cold, especially after we got a quarter of the distance to our arrival. The blanket said 750

We arrived at 6 pm Morocco Manila time
Photos from the road after reaching Melanella

After about 15 minutes, we reached our desired destination
Hotel (H2O)
This hotel overlooks the Philippine Sea and is more like an outdoor aquarium
It is distinguished by its location, design, cleanliness, events in which Moo shows and others are held
Also, in the same complex where the hotel is located, there is the Ocean Park, the ground floor of the hotel or the whole complex, shops, galleries, restaurants, shops, etc.

The hotel has 3 types of rooms:
* Standard rooms, overlooking the back of the hotel
* Rooms have an aquarium
* Sea view rooms

Prices are in order from lowest to highest!
Prices vary according to the season, such as what is known and known.

The road leading to the room

Interior pictures of the room

Room view

We woke up from 7 pm and got up for breakfast

There are two doors, one for the hotel and the other for Ocean Park

Map of the place

The waterfront of the hotel

We entered the complex and these are some of the stores located in it

And the currency conversion was from Manila airport on the first day we arrived and the exchange was (1 riyal = 11.50 pesos)

A chip was purchased from Eleven Ships globe company at 40 pesos per slide.
Thus, the trip was completed and the reservation was made to continue the trip elsewhere in the Philippines
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