Our tourist trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina from 10 to 21 May
The initial idea was to visit Bosnia for a period of six or seven days, and then we return to the Turkish north (Trabzon – Uzungol). Therefore, my travel tickets were booked on Turkish Airlines, with travel on 5/10 and returning to Istanbul seven days later. Continuing the journey to the north of Turkey …
It must be noted that there is a period of six hours (transit) stops at Istanbul airport when going … and then we booked accommodation in Sarajevo via the Bukking website

The plane took off after three o’clock after midnight, after a delay of nearly an hour at Muscat International Airport
We chose Turkish Airlines because we intended to go to Turkey, and its price is also considered appropriate in such periods of the year
And after we arrived at Istanbul airport, we started suffering transit for about six hours … even though the Istanbul airport itself is a large cell of work, activity and movement.
We boarded the Turkish plane again to head to Sarajevo … the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina … and who among us does not remember the name Sarajevo

We arrived after an hour and a third of Sarajevo airport, and the hour was referring to approximately two and a quarter of Bosnia time, which is two hours later than Muscat.
And Sarajevo airport was very small, and the number of daily flights is few, so the moment of our arrival there was only our flight, and from the moment we arrived to the moment of security clearance we did not take a quarter of an hour, then to the site of receiving the bags and the Omanis were exempt from visa (visa)
We got out of the airport’s inner hall, and found the owner waiting for us

The most prominent places that we visited
Mostar and the old bridge

Connets City Bridge

A cruise on the Jablanichko lake

Kravista Falls
The source of the Bosnian River in Sarajevo

The source of the Buna River
Pimabari Caves

Yatista Waterfalls
Pictures of some meals
Their famous Bosnian coffee

Lamb meat cooked with quiet fire for more than three hours, a meal known to them and almost 6 riyals for two people

Fish meal with a very beautiful view .. the table overlooks a river

The airport is not far from the residence. It is only a few minutes away by car … We passed through breathtaking scenery
The location of the residence passes through the market and then one of the beautiful villages and in front of the apartments is a very large area … green in all the meaning of this color and it is originally designated as an equestrian club and thus the residence derives its name from this place “Villa Hipodrom” where the word “Hipodrom” means to them … the place of the horses ..
The majority of hotel apartments in Bosnia have one bathroom, and this is a European system that we encountered in a number of countries.
The agreement was to start by visiting the city of Mostar, which is approximately 160 kilometers from Sarajevo.
The sightseeing has started … Konec
The next morning, despite the distance, we were very entertained .. The beautiful scenery around us in every direction … Do not turn your gaze to one side unless you see a breathtaking beauty … a small river here … and a wonderful lake there … … and the tall green mountains that … Strange waterfalls fall … and snowy peaks in the other direction
We sat in one of the cafes on the edge of the river … He suggested to us that we had Bosnian coffee … I agreed to his request, enjoying the beauty of the scenery, the trickling water of the river and the splendor of the architecture of the bridges that cross the banks of the river … especially the old bridge that the Ottomans built … the magnificence of the building and its location increases the beauty of the place …

Then we set out and passed by beautiful mountain villages, mostly on the slopes of the mountains, and you see in them a wonderful beauty, especially with the lush gardens … and some beautiful farms that are grown with all kinds of fruits.
We first went to see Kravice Waterfall, a very beautiful place. You do not know how to describe these stunning views and wonderful waterfalls.

Then we headed and headed to the source of the Buna River …
Which is about 12 km away from Mostar … and the contemplative beauty and splendor of the place is dazzled by the “emanation” of fresh, cold river water from the steep rocky mountain … the water flows in large quantities, forming a great river that hears its tears from long distances.
Close to the source of the river there is a building (Sufi hospice) built in the sixteenth century AD and is a popular place for Sufis in the country, and it is open all year round to visitors and has a tomb for one of the Sufi saints as narrated by the hospice … and next to it a wonderful view of the river for coffee.
Also on the site are a number of bridges that cross the banks of the river, in addition to the presence of restaurants with beautiful poetic sessions along the river … In addition to the presence of a boat attached to a long rope between its own small port and a location inside the “cave” where the river originates, one who loves to rent the boat can enter the The cave is a short walk to see the source …

We arrived in Mostar, which is the cultural capital of the Herzegovina region and is located on the Neretva River, which is the fifth largest city in the country, and is famous for its majestic castle, close to the mosque, and its suspended bridge that connects the banks of the city the river passes through … the river has divided the city in two, as it is This is also the case in their coexistence there. In the city, we find mosques as churches and cathedrals see

And here we have finished this part of our journey and we hope to have benefited you
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