Guide to the best entertainment places in Dubai It is recommended to visit it, Dubai has become a destination for many who are looking for entertainment, tourism and work. Last December 2020, Dubai Airport received a billion visitor. This, of course, is an incredible number to visit a relatively modern city. The site provides Arab travelers in the lines The following is a topic on the best places in Dubai to visit when traveling to Dubai.

The best entertainment places in Dubai

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the most prominent landmark not only in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, but in the whole world, as it is the tallest tower in the world with a height of 828 meters, so you can taste the adventure if you like the heights and experience this highest experience in the world at all. Instead of climbing to the summit of Everest, you can take the Burj Khalifa elevator up from the clouds to enjoy the view from the top of the tower, and if you are hungry on the way, you only have to go to the twenty-second floor to find yourself at the top of the world restaurant, so the Burj Khalifa unlimited does not end as long as you are there.

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is not an ordinary palm tree, you are in Dubai so do not expect anything normal, as you are on a date with the unions and as if you are moving between the pages of the Arab travelers Genius, as Palm Jumeirah is the largest industrial island in the world, and it appears from a high altitude as if it is a palm consisting of A trunk and seventeen fronds surrounded by a crescent moon, and Palm Jumeirah is one of the most important tourist attractions in Dubai, where you will find everything you need to spend a luxurious holiday, whether you are with your family or you are alone, as the island has health resorts, luxury international hotels and shopping centers that are packed with the latest and most luxurious products the world.

Ski Dubai

As usual, Dubai, the owner of the unions, as soon as you visit Dubai ski you will think that you moved simultaneously from the heart of the desert of the Arabian Peninsula to the snow of Russia, Vsky Dubai is the first and largest snow ski resort in the Middle East, and so if you are a fan of snowboarding you do not have to go to the pole From now on, you can enjoy this sport at Ski Dubai, and the resort provides you with the clothes and ski equipment needed to enjoy this unique experience.

Dubai Museum

Not only is modern life all that you will find in the best places in Dubai, but you can also see the past and how life was in Dubai before the establishment of the United Arab Emirates through the Dubai Museum, which includes rare pieces of local monuments and is located on the oldest building in Dubai, which is Al Fahidi Fort Which was built in 1787 AD, and is the oldest existing building in Dubai. The museum is not limited to desert monuments, but also includes some monuments from Africa and Asia, all you have to enjoy the experience of visiting the desert past is to go to the Dubai Museum to take a tour between this past and its holdings.

Dubai Dancing Fountains

D has the largest dancing fountains in the world, and is located at the base of the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest tower in the world, and these dancing fountains extend over an area of ​​thirty acres on the artificial lake located at the base of the Burj Khalifa. Fountains throw their water up to a height of 500 feet up, which equals fifty floors. When it is dark, you can enjoy the sparkling lights radiating from the dancing fountains, and you do not need to be near them to see them, as you can see the lights of dancing fountains within twenty miles.

Dubai Desert Reserve

Of course, I heard about the eyes of the Arabian Oryx in ancient and modern Arab poems, now only you can see the Arabian Oryx, the Arabian deer and all endangered desert animals and enjoy a unique wild journey in the Dubai Desert Reserve, the one that Dubai established in 2002 to preserve wild animals and plants from Extinction, and of course you will be a recreational desert shrine for all desert lovers and safari.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Dolphins also have a job in Dubai. After you wander through the desert in the Dubai Protectorate and see the desert history in the Dubai Museum, and you enjoy the experience of the Burj Khalifa and the dancing fountains, you shop from the modern Palm Jumeirah souks and you enjoy skiing in Ski Dubai, then never miss a visit to dolphins, especially if If you have children, they will find this show impressive, as the Dubai Dolphinarium offers dolphin shows that allow interacting with the public, taking pictures with dolphins, and many activities that suit children and adults.

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