To know the most important places for sightseeing in Dubai, you should see our article today from Arab travelers, as it is a charming city with high skyscrapers, it is distinguished as a tourist destination and a global interface that all individuals from all over the world come to, it has many distinct places, including beaches with The scenic and natural scenery, and the global shopping centers through which you can buy all the brands and international brands you want, and also we find that the most distinguished feature is the Burj Khalifa, which is the longest in the world.
And not only that, but you also find the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood and the Dubai Museum, in which you can see civilization and history, as well as markets for gold, aromatic scents, and spices, and with them you find the most luxurious hotels and tourist resorts, it has become the fourth in the world as the most visited country , Which increased its importance, its national income rate, and became a strong haven for hiking and recreation for everyone.
Now we will take you, dear reader, and go on a tour of Dubai, to see the most important tourist attractions in it, so get ready, and let’s go.

Dubai sightseeing trip

When you visit Dubai, especially if your first trip there is, you will find many wonderful tourist attractions that exist in that city, do not miss the opportunity and you must visit it, and you must also arrange the places you want to see, and set your priorities so that you can visit the largest number of landmarks During your stay or vacation.
Here are the most famous landmarks in Dubai: –

  • Dubai Fountain
  • The legendary Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Creek
  • Shopping from the Dubai Mall
  • Dubai Water Canal
  • The Beach
  • Kite Beach
  • Lamir Beach
  • Charming desert in Dubai
  • Dubai Marina
  • Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood
  • Madinat Jumeirah
  • Dubai Opera “Culture Center”
  • IMG Theme Park
  • Dubai Parks and Resorts
  • City Walk
  • Dubai Frame
  • Heritage and diving village
  • Animal parks.
  • Emirates Mall.
  • gold market
  • Spice market.
  • Perfume market.
  • In addition, you can visit magnificent mosques, with lightning-colored architectural designs.
  • You can also stroll through the different parts of Dubai.

And many other places to see in Dubai.

Booking trips to see the most beautiful places of tourism in Dubai

You can go on tours or trips to Dubai to get a closer look at its features, through a specific program set by the site, or the company that you will go with, and we will offer you a number of locations through which you can benefit from the different offers that they offer on trips, including: –
Coast to coast “ctc”
It offers many offers to make tours in the city of Dubai, and you can reach it via this link. It also provides tickets for trips to parks and gardens, in addition to a car rental service, or yacht.
And applying for visas for the UAE for a number of days, including 14, 30, or 90 days, and other services.
City sightseeing dubai
With it, you can book a tour of Dubai electronically, and learn about the sights it has.
You can contact them via this number +97143167506.
Or email them via this email
[email protected] You can also view their special offers, tours and excursions by logging onto their website via this link.
Iventure card
Available through the so-called Dubai Card, which provides you with visits to the best tourist places in Dubai, in addition to river tours, visiting water parks, parks, adventure cities, amusement parks, museums, galleries, and getting to know the best restaurants.
You can view all their offers and prices by logging onto their website via this link.
You can also inquire and inquire about reservation of tourist attractions and requests via the Internet, cancellation or amendment of your request by entering this link, and clicking on general inquiries about customer service will drop several options from which he chooses what suits you best.

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