Osmanbey Market in Istanbul..One of the most popular markets in Istanbul, where the best products at the lowest prices and Arab travelers give you your guide to reach the market easily ..

Osmanbey Market in Istanbul ..

Find out about the location of Osmanbey Market in Istanbul.

Find out about the location of Osmanbey Market in Istanbul.Learn about … the location of Osmanbey Market in Istanbul .. The Osmanbey Market is characterized by its great location in Sisli near the Taksim Square and it has many shops along the side streets branching from it, as it is one of the most famous neighborhoods close and is Osmanbey, Machka, Cevikiye , And his bangalore in Sisli, which is the best shopping place in the old city of Istanbul, which includes many high-quality women’s clothing stores (blouses, leather clothing, T-shirts, sportswear, bags, shoes, offering, evening dresses, makeup and cosmetics), it is better A women’s shopping center where it arrives Thousands of women have to buy their needs over the years. Also, there are men shops and shops vary between sector stores for ordinary people and wholesale stores for merchants. Read also: Lalali Market in Istanbul..months and cheapest wholesale markets in Istanbul, you can’t miss visiting it ..

Osman Bey market prices in Istanbul ..

    Osman Bey market prices in Istanbul ..The prices of Osmanbey Market in Istanbul..As for the prices, they are variable and are higher than other markets due to the quality of its products, elegant clothes and the type of merchandise in it that makes it superior to other markets and also as one of the tourist attractions in Turkey where many tourists go to And the local population. The market is not limited to selling clothes only, but there are companies that design, manufacture, market, and sell clothes in the fastest time, and there are more than 55 companies that export these products to different parts of the world, such as Asia, Arab countries, and the Balkans, because it has been able to prove the quality of She treats him as he keeps pace with the development of international fashion, as the stores have over forty years of experience in this field.

The most important characteristic of Osman Bey Market in Istanbul …

    The most important characteristic of Osmanbey Market in Istanbul ...The most important thing that distinguishes the Osmanbey market in Istanbul … This market distinguishes that it is not limited to trade only, but it has a large number of important establishments such as foreign embassies and consulates as there are many famous hotels and also the presence of the spiritual side represented in the “Osman Jarcese” mosque, exist It also has perfume shops, antiques, handmade textiles and fabrics. Dear tourists, you can buy various souvenirs and wander around the market because there are places to stroll around and we recommend that you then have a delicious Turkish meal in a restaurant in addition to eating a cup of tea or coffee in one of the cafes where it includes many From the seat The most famous.

How to go to Othman Bey Market

    How to go to Othman Bey Market The way to go to Osmanbey market is to go to it. You can use the metro and get off at its nearest station, which is: Osmanbey or by bus, and the nearest bus stop is: İETT Osmanbey Durağ, and its location is on Google Map: from here

When does work start at Osmanbey Market in Istanbul? ..

When does work start at Osmanbey Market in Istanbul? ..When does work start at Osmanbey Market in Istanbul? .. Like other markets, it works 24 hours a day, starting from eight in the morning until eight in the evening, and its official holiday on Sunday in addition to events and holidays.

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