Osaka Castle was completed in 1586 within only three years, ordered by the famous Japanese warrior and politician Toyotomi Hideyoshi to build it, and at that time it was the largest castle in Japan, and all military leaders were asked to contribute stones for its construction, and it is near the entrance South at an altitude of about six meters, length of 14.5 meters, and after the defeat of Hidoshi in 1615, the castle was destroyed, to be rebuilt by Shogun Tokugawa, and the castle was rebuilt in its current form in 1931, and includes the main tower consisting of 5 It is 42 meters long and contains a large museum that contains exhibits related to Tari Castle and the city.

Osaka Shinichi-ji Temple

The most famous Osaka Shinichi-ji Temple can trace its roots back to AD 59 and was the first Buddhist temple in Japan, and although it was rebuilt several times over the centuries, this beautiful temple is still the oldest religious site officially administered, Highlights include the five-storey pagoda, as well as a number of exquisitely decorated buildings, including the Golden Pavilion (Kondō) with its beautiful statues and paintings, the Lecture Hall (Kōd ،), and a beautiful covered corridor connecting three of the site’s gates Other buildings shown in the complex include the teaching area, pharmacy and hospital, as well as Garden M. Pleasure.

Osaka Aquarium

It is one of the most important tourist attractions in the world, and visitors can take a wonderful tour of a number of marine habitats through it, including the Pacific Ocean and Antarctica, along with the Great Barrier Reef and Monterey Bay. The area also features a variety of marine life. Japanese, including freshwater species, as well as native reptiles and mammals.

Ferris wheel

It is considered one of the best destinations in Osaka, especially in the port area and the village of Tempozan Harbor, and the Tempozan Ferris wheel is large in size and one of the largest attractions in Asia, and this Ferris wheel is more than 112 meters in length and a diameter of 100 meters, and It has been operating since 1997 and offers an exciting 17-minute ride that is very enjoyable at night when the steering wheel is lit in different colors.

National Museum of Art

The National Museum of Art in Osaka (NMAO) is a unique underground museum located a few minutes from the city center in Nakanoshima, a small island located between the Tusaburi and Dijima Stars, opened in 1977. This important exhibition contains a large collection of some Outstanding post-war international artists, including examples from Picasso and Cezanne and Japanese artists Konishi and Fujita, along with many important monuments and statues, even if art is not the thing you deserve, it is worth a visit to the magnificent steel structure outside the museum, a phrase Its massive structure is designed to resemble a cane crease below a For a breeze.

Tennōji Zoo

One of the largest green spaces in Osaka, and it is a place of rest from this busy city, and this garden is famous for many fragrant flowers, and in the spring cherry blossoms, which is a pleasure to explore thanks to many statues, ponds and interesting bridges, as it is home to some tourist attractions The most important in Osaka, including the Tennōji Zoo, which opened in 1915 and houses a variety of species including lions, giraffes, and elephants, is characterized by a manner that appears to roam the African savanna.

Osaka Science Museum

It appears the للعلومsaka Shiritsu Kagakukan Museum of Science, an enjoyable outing for those traveling with children, opened in 1989 the National Museum of Art, and the museum contains many interactive exhibits based on a number of science-related topics covering everything from astronomy to energy sources (It also houses the country’s first planetarium.)

Umeda Sky Building

In addition to the stunning architecture associated with its museums and art galleries, Osaka includes many other impressive examples of modern architecture, perhaps the most famous of which is this building, and it is a stunning landmark consisting of two office towers that join to the top by a large structure that resembles the basic system.

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