They are waterfalls located in the large Atlas village of Tanagilite, in the Azilal region, 150 kilometers from the northeastern region of Marrakesh, Morocco. The height of waterfalls about 110 meters.
The site is the most visited in the area. Close to green valleys, mills, orchards and a magnificent circle of throats and springs of the Slave River.
Ouzoud is an Amazigh word meaning “olives”, referring to the nearby olive trees. The bottom of the waterfalls is easily accessible through a road shaded with olive trees. At the top of the falls or waterfall, there are a dozen small old mills that are still in use.

At dusk, whole crowds of monkeys can be observed. Many local and national associations lead projects to protect, maintain, and maintain the site.
A visit to Ouzoud whose enjoyment is not complete without penetrating the heights surrounding the cave of the “Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque” and the scattered pools of water that include small waterfalls and offer many opportunities for a refreshing swim .. On the other side, the corner that was established by centuries before the Sheikhs of the Shadhli method is unique to a special style of life Collective, where 100 families undertake a public bath, giving residents close to the corner the opportunity to shower for free .. Tuesday and Wednesday are two days for women, while the rest of the week is for men.
And if you are a fan of watching monkeys, you will not find it difficult to meet the “Zaatout” monkey, who is still standing near the waterfalls, showing a great ability to adapt to the nature of visitors to Ouzoud .. But the directions of the specialists in the animal world must be respected. “You should not give the monkey food and To preserve it let him eat his food alone in nature, and remember that he does not like the hustle and bustle of music that you may bring to the camp ».. And thank you for your understanding when you are a guest at Zaatoon.

How to reach Ouzoud Falls
If you have a private car, you can go to Ouzoud from Marrakesh, via the main road to Fez, and after you exceed 4 km from Tamalat, go to Azilal and before you reach it about 22 km, you will find the sign of the site on your left, it is only separated from you A few kilometers.
But if you are in Azilal, you should go through the national road towards Marrakesh for a distance of 22 kilometers, before you take your oath in the direction of Ait Atab, so that you are left with 16 kilometers.
To go to Ouzoud by public transport, there is a possibility of direct transportation by bus from the city of Casablanca to Ait Atab, and from there you can continue by taxi. But if you are in Marrakech or Beni Mellal, the closest way is to go by bus to Azilal to complete by taxi.

Tourist areas near Azode
You can use the mountain guides who are
They receive their customers in front of the “Riad Falls Ouzoud” hotel.
– Al-Zawiya Village: You can go to the village of Tangmelt or Al-Zawiyah as its owners call it on foot for two hours. You encounter stunning natural scenery on your way before you reach the headquarters of the corner, which was built in the fifteenth century as its resident says, and next to it you can free a guest in the village bath for free.
– Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque Caves: You can only go to the caves by walking on foot, and you will encounter several small lakes on your way to swimming, as the monkey scene helps you jumping over the branches of trees.
Eyes of Oued Ouzoud: You can start by driving in the direction of Azilal for a distance of two kilometers, to leave it behind and continue on the left foot. From there the first waterfall drops start.
– Wadi Al-Abid Straits: These straits reach a length of about 400 meters, and can be directed by car in the direction of Ait Atab and stop at the Iron Arch or on foot after passing the caves.

Ouzoud Falls restaurants
The restaurant
Duties provided
The price
Shalala Restaurant
Items of tagine are suggested
Within 80 dirhams
Peace Restaurant
Its owner, who watches over the cleanliness of the place, proposes different meals with prices similar to his predecessors, but inside a more beautiful space
From Imouzar camp, walk toward the streams, on the left bank. Mattresses are also proposed to spend the day for 10 dirhams
Restaurant restaurant «Riad Falls Ouzoud
Full meal is suggested
AED 130
78 87 45 023
Either inside the building or in the open air
Teatret Restaurant
Full meal is suggested
Located near the garage
Where do you spend your night?
the hotel
Locations and services provided
The price
To call
Ouzoud Waterfall
Take your left in front of the parking garage, and after going down about 200 meters, you will find the hotel among the shops selling traditional crafts. It has rooms of different sizes
(80 dirhams per person, and 190 dirhams per room for two people). The hotel also proposes different meals on request (60 dirhams for a full meal). It is the best title for medium budget owners
France Hotel
At the entrance to the village, if you came to it from Ait Atab, it would include dozens of rooms
AED 150 for a room for two people
Riad Ouzoud Falls Hotel
He takes a few steps from a car bumper, and suggests rooms with different costs
Between 600 and 750 dirhams
Nature camp
It is located opposite the Riad Riad Falls Ouzoud, and it provides safe drinking water and electricity
As for overnight accommodation in a tent, it requires (10 dirhams per person + 10 dirhams per tent). As for those who do not have their own tent, there is a possibility to spend the night in a hostel for 30 dirhams.
Imouzzer camp
You can go down to the campsite in front of the parking garage on your right, to find it on the right bank of the waterfall basin
Its owners suggest a room for two people for 90 dirhams (including breakfast), or a mattress in open space on the open air for 15 dirhams
Lubnar camp
Away from Imusar camp, about 100 meters
It offers the possibility of sleeping in an Amazigh tent for 80 dirhams per person, and a room for two people for 100 dirhams, while sleeping over a mattress in an open space only costs 20 dirhams
There is a lot of information about Ouzoud waterfalls, including:[٣] Ouzoud waterfalls are located in Beni Mellal and Azilal, and it is one of the most important tourist sites in Morocco. Ouzoud Waterfall is classified as a world natural tourist destination. Moroccan tourist books and magazines are keen to present Ouzoud waterfalls, as it is a popular destination for foreign tourists, and for Europeans who love mountain tourism. Tourists can reach the Ouzoud waterfalls if they come from Marrakesh or from Beni Mellal. On the one hand, Marrakech, the waterfalls are located twenty kilometers from the town of Tantanet, and from the side of Bani Mellal Faisal, a tourist arrives there via the road that connects the cities of Azilal and Damnat by about fifteen kilometers, And that is before passing through a narrow road, up to fifteen kilometers in length, after which the tourist will reach the region of Ouzoud.

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