The Penagel Cave is part of a series of caves located on the southern coast of Portugal in the Al-Jarf region, and this wonderful cave is located near the beach of a small town in the Benagel, and is characterized by its amazing shape and picturesque light changes that can be seen inside it during daylight times, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe , And was listed on the list of the 10 coolest caves in the world according to the Huffington Post electronic newspaper in 2014.

The cave forms a natural niche called the eye above its own spinning beach, and when sunlight passes through it you can see the most amazing and beautiful scenery, so this cave is one of the natural wonders in the world. In addition to entering the cave, you can enjoy seeing huge marine chimneys and beautiful golden cliffs. You will also be able to see marine birds pouncing on the clear green waters through which you can see the sea floor.
Tourists can reach the amazing caves area by boat or swimming, but swimming there is not considered desirable because it requires you to be a skillful swimmer in addition to that you need the sea to be calm in order to reach the cave beach. And you can visit the cave throughout the year as many trips are held during the summer, but it is somewhat less in the winter, and you will be able through the boat tour to see about 20 amazing caves in that region.

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