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First day

Dear tourist, the first tourist destination with a 7-day tourist program in Cebu, it must be “Mactan Island” located on the east coast and it is an essential area in Cebu, but it is the first region that you will see because Cebu Airport is located in it, as it contains many resorts and hotels Beautiful, the island is also called the island of coral due to its beautiful coral reefs, it is distinguished that its beaches are very beautiful and with it you can practice many different recreational activities such as swimming with beautiful turquoise waters, diving and surfing, and you must ride a boat and take a walk in it, do not miss to wander around Where the trees and the cover The beautiful vegetable, which increases its beauty, so you do not miss capturing images Altzkrah them.

the second day

“Oslib Village” is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Cebu and it is an ideal destination for lovers going to the beach and this region is known as a destination for sharks. If you go on a cruise with it you will also be able to see whales, especially in the early morning, you must take pictures of them besides the presence of waterfalls Tumalog it.

“Bantayan Island” despite its smallness, but it is one of the most important islands in Cebu, it is located in the northern part and has a large beach besides the small population, so it is a wonderful destination for lovers of calm and away from crowding so its atmosphere is romantic, if you want to spend a honeymoon you will not Forget it, you should visit this wonderful island. Getting to the island is not difficult, but you have to take the bus from San Remigio and then take a boat to the island.

the third day

“Ji Argi Hallad Museum” was inaugurated in 2012 AD, dear tourist, this museum is considered a center for reviving the old Filipino music, the museum is located in an old building and offers visitors a collection of beautiful musical collections such as musical instruments that are valuable artifacts so you cannot miss it dear tourist Places to see in Cebu.

You should visit “Bossay Mountain”, my dear tourist, to ensure that you spend the most beautiful tourist program in Cebu for 7 days. When you go to it, you will enjoy its wonderful views of the scenic surroundings and those who love mountaineering. It is a great destination to practice this beautiful hobby. When you reach its summit, you will definitely enjoy it. With a beautiful panoramic view of the city around you, you can ride mountain bikes, and the mountain provides the possibility to camp in it to spend the night in this beautiful mountain atmosphere, where the mountain lights at night in a quiet and beautiful scenery.

the fourth day

“Sumillon Island” is considered a very small island with an area of ​​about 24 hectares, but despite that it gets wide fame due to being an ideal destination for diving enthusiasts, it has a wonderful group of coral reefs that you will not see in another place h along with different types of marine creatures such as fish with all kinds and The island is distinguished by the presence of beautiful cottages for relaxation, in which S feel that you are in the bosom of a picturesque nature away from the noise.

“Malapascua Island” is considered one of the most famous islands in Cebu and many tourists go to it to practice diving and various water games in addition to relaxing on its beach and spending quality time in the soft white sands and blue water especially at sunset time so you cannot miss taking pictures of these wonderful moments From there you can go to the Hillotongan Reserve to see a large number of beautiful marine creatures, such as sea stars, sharks, and other marine creatures.

The fifth day

You should visit it, dear tourist, it is one of the most beautiful natural tourist areas in Cebu and you will enjoy watching the slope of water on the rocks, creating a beautiful sound and fog of water splashes. You can also swim in the waters falling from the waterfall or rowing a small boat so we assure you that you will enjoy visiting this waterfall To go there, you have to take a bus to the Badian District and then you will walk for about 15 minutes until you reach it.

“Osimna Mountain”, we advise you, dear tourist, to go to it and climb it, as it is one of the most important tourist destinations in Cebu, and we advise you to wear comfortable sportswear especially shoes. Pictures at these moments, this mountain deserves to be placed in any tourist program in Cebu for a period of 7 days.

the sixth day

“Fonte Osmennia roundabout” is one of the most important tourist areas in Cebu and there are many beautiful tourist attractions next to it. So around it you will find many shops so buy whatever clothes, shoes and perfumes you want, as well as restaurants that offer the most delicious dishes. Do not miss a seafood meal. It out.

“Cebu streets” Dear tourist, Cebu is a beautiful city that has a lot of landscapes that admire everyone who visits it and besides that there are historical landmarks so you have to wander through its streets to discover its history and its clear impact on the colorful old houses as you will be able to get closer to the local people To get to know their culture and the shops are spread in the streets, then buy from them what you like of souvenirs that suit your taste like clothing, accessories, antiques, shoes and other products, especially handmade products from fabrics and textiles. As for the most beautiful streets of Cebu, Kowloon Street is a great destination to glimpse Z shopping where there is a lot of beautiful products at affordable prices and also Nathan Road to the presence of a number of local restaurants do.

the seventh day

“Cebu Professional Capitol” is the ruling palace in the Philippines and it simulates the White House in the United States of America, this house was created by the Americans at the time of their conquest of Cebu, many tourists go to the palace to take memorial photos next to it.

“SM Mall” you should visit at night, it is not just a shopping center, but it has many recreational activities that suit all ages, perhaps the most beautiful of skiing, and there is a mall dedicated to children and games that suit them, the mall is also characterized by its wonderful views of the coast and if I felt hungry after you wandered around, you can rest and have a meal or drink in one of the restaurants in it, which offers a variety of delicious Filipino cuisine in addition to international cuisine

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