Planning to travel to Italy

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A visit to a new country, especially a country like Italy, this means that you will see a lot and you will find a lot to do as this needs to be well planned and arranged and know all the tips that can be worked out during the trip and for this we have collected a set of tips that can not be Do without it if you have decided to travel to Italy, and these tips include everything that can help you, from planning the trip to eating.

Planning to travel to Italy - Planning to travel to Italy
Traveling to Italy

Travel planning

The travel planning step is the most important step at all because it will determine the path that your trip will take, and therefore do not plan to start traveling during the high season in Italy, which is in the summer because you will face expensive and exaggerated prices and large crowds will cut you off enjoying your vacation And do not visit Italy in August because many business owners take vacation there during this month and you will find that most of the shops there are closed, but the tourist attractions remain open, but the cities are filled with tourists and the heat is never unbearable. And do not forget during the planning of travel to create a large itinerary because there are so many amazing places to visit in Italy, so do some research on the most important and beautiful cities.

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Travel planning

To pack

As for the luggage that you will take with you during the trip, you should take care of them, for example, you must take modest clothes to ensure your ability to visit and enter churches and avoid preventing you from entering and standing outside and do not forget to leave an empty place in your bag for souvenirs and things that you intend to buy, especially to observe the weights if You will travel by plane.

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To pack


Do not forget to check the bus or train tickets that are with you to avoid paying fines, just that buying a ticket is not enough to ensure its validity, you must check it at the station before you board the train or bus and make sure when you buy the train or bus ticket that you also buy the return ticket to save time and of course Do not lose sight of your luggage control at the station because thieves take advantage of someone’s busyness and steal their luggage and you always have to be prepared in terms of money to call a taxi or find a taxi stand because you are in Italy you cannot do without it.

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Do not forget to inform the bank that you are always dealing with that you will be outside the country and teach them about dates and avoid changing money outside your country because there are many exchange offices that take a lot of money more than the real price and therefore if possible make sure to change the money that you need before To travel. You should always carry cash with you because most places in Italy do not accept credit cards and prefer to deal in cash, especially with regard to small transactions that do not require a credit card.

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eat the food

You should avoid eating in restaurants that are located in famous tourist sites, as they are often very expensive and not good enough, however, as they do not give good value for money, and therefore it is better to seek the help of the local people and ask them about the places where they eat and recommend The best of them and does not depend on the famous sites on the Internet that show you the ten best restaurants in the city because Italy specifically contains a lot of restaurants that do not rank high in those locations, but it is one of the best restaurants in spite of that, especially in the city of Florence, and try As much as possible to eat the dishes Mahalia is famous because it is made better than international and well-known dishes and it tastes much better.

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eat the food

We hope that these tips will be useful to you when you decide to travel to Italy and help you spend a fun time full of joy without any problems at all.

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