Dutch cuisine does not have good fame like other international kitchens, such as Chinese, French and English cuisine, but that does not preclude the fact that Dutch cuisine contains many foods, appetizers and sweets that are unparalleled in the world, and are fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to The Netherlands and many of them, here are some of the popular folk dishes in the Netherlands: The Top 10 Dutch cuisine.

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Popular folk cuisine in the Netherlands: and the 10 best Dutch cuisine:

1- Dutch herring – Hollandse neiuwe:

Dutch herring is one of the popular dishes in the Netherlands, if you love fish then you should try it even once. Usually you offer herring as it is with raw onions and cucumbers, but that does not prevent it from enjoying small pieces or a sandwich of bread. Eat herring in the Netherlands between May and July, because the best types of kunafa fish have matured well, according to the accounts since the fishing season. Herring is not limited to a meal in restaurants, but is sold in stores and markets, and even in the streets, especially in its best seasons.

2- Stroop waffle:

One of the most famous foods in the Netherlands and snacks, especially for travelers. Waffle candy is undoubtedly the most popular dessert in the Netherlands, and it is a unique type of dessert that has a distinctive taste and texture that has no competitor. On both sides, it becomes fluffy fluffy. Waffle is served from two thin layers and has a thick sweet and sticky syrup with different flavors to choose from as desired. You may find waffles as candy wrapped in the Netherlands market, but the best is to eat it in bakeries and candy stores that you make at Order and serve hot. Some people prefer taking it with a hot drink, such as tea a And coffee in the cafe.

3- Cabbage Meat:

The Netherlands is famous for croquettes and it is meat wrapped with breadcrumbs as one of the best snacks in the world. The original Dutch croquettes are made from beef, but currently some restaurants make them from chicken or shrimp. Meat can be replaced with vegetables and grains to get croquettes for vegetarians. Getting croquettes from all the restaurants in the Netherlands, and even on the public streets there are specialized carts to serve it. Cricket is the first meal for employees and students in the Netherlands, as it is the first companion for tourists while hiking. Some restaurants offer croquettes as garnish with food, especially fast food restaurants .

4- Pea soup – Erwten Soup:

Pea soup is one of the popular dishes in the Netherlands, and it is very popular as the best soup and it is the popular cuisine in the Netherlands. Pea soup consists of peas, celery and carrots, in addition to bacon. Some people prefer adding slices of sausage and smoked meat. And slices of bread to the soup, to become an integrated food meal. The owners of the weight-loss diet replace bacon with sliced ​​pork slices in the soup to suit them. It is dispensable to add meat in the soup, and that becomes a meal suitable for vegetarians. Some restaurants make soup B. Inmates of mutton or beef, to serve Muslim tourists in the Netherlands.

5- fried balls – Olie bollen:

One of the most popular dishes in the Netherlands. Favorite fried balls are a traditional Dutch dessert, one of the most famous desserts in the Netherlands. They are similar in taste to donuts. Desserts of fried balls consist of flour, milk, eggs, yeast, and baking powder, in addition to raisins. In heavy oil and take only minutes until they are ripe. Serve fried balls of candy with powdered sugar, and some prefer them with caramel sauce or chocolate sauce. French fries are the official dessert for the winter, and they are usually served every year on New Year’s Eve. You can find sweet candy balls in restaurants and even cafes In addition to selling them on the streets, especially in hiking places.

6- Potato Salad – Stamppot:

Potato salad is one of the old dishes and popular dishes in the Netherlands, and still popular with it. Potato salad consists of mashed potatoes with vegetables such as turnip, carrots, and pickled cabbage. Restaurants usually offer potato salad with Dutch sausage as a meal, and This is due to the distinctive taste that results from eating them together. Although potato salad is in the appetizer menu for restaurants, it is still eaten as a hot meal in homes. There are many vehicles on the streets offering hot potato salad, and that is exactly in the winter. Potato salad is one of the meals The favorite of people for vegetarians, and diet followers lose weight.

7 – Dutch sausage – Rook Worst:

Smoked Dutch sausage is one of the best-known popular dishes in the Netherlands, and it is also one of the best types of sausage in the world. Smoked Dutch sausage with potato salad is usually served in most restaurants and most locals are used to eating it. Some people prefer eating Dutch sausage with rice or Pasta as a main dish. Some restaurants, especially fast food restaurants, offer a Dutch sausage sandwich with mustard sauce, along with French fries and soft drinks. You may also find smoked Dutch sausage sold on the streets in the same way that Dutch cabbage is cooked.

8 – Bitter Ballen:

Meatballs are among the best snacks in the Netherlands, which are popular with citizens and tourists. Meatballs are made from minced meat ball mixed with butter, and are surrounded by dry bread crumbs. Meatballs are cooked in the heart in oil until they become golden in color, and Crunchy served with mustard sauce. Some restaurants add minced meat to chopped chili peppers, to give it a spicy taste for those who prefer spicy foods. Some individuals prefer to replace minced meat with minced fish, but it is not available in all restaurants. You can eat meatballs as a pastry with Crunches and drinks, as provided by some cafes in the Netherlands.

9 – Fried fish slices – Lekkerbekje:

Fried fish slices are among the best and cheapest seafood in the Netherlands and are one of the popular dishes in the Netherlands. Cook fried fish slices of Dutch sea fish, where thorns and skin are removed and cut into thin slices. Season the fish slices with garlic sauce with lemon, and Covered on the outside with dry bread crumbs, served fried. Fried fish fillets are usually eaten with fried fingers sticks and mayonnaise sauce.

10 – Pannenkoeken:

Although pancakes are widespread in most parts of the world, they differ in the Netherlands from others in terms of the size and thickness of pancakes. Pans are eaten in the Netherlands in any meal during the day, and not at breakfast only like other countries. Pies are not limited Pancakes are sweet only, they vary between sweet like apple pie and raisins and sod like meat pie and cheese. Sweet pancakes are usually eaten with powdered sugar or sweet syrup.

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