Portugal’s most beautiful tourist guide is recommended to visit, Portugal is on the throne of global tourism due to its beautiful and picturesque natural places, and beaches that deserve to enjoy the water inside, because it is located in the southwest of the continent of Europe, which is surrounded by both sides of the Atlantic Ocean with the most wonderful beaches distinguished With it, and there are also borders from the northeastern side with Spain, Arab travelers help you get to know the most beautiful tourist places in Portugal.

Tourism in Portugal

One of the most important ways that must be followed in arriving in Portugal is that you must first obtain a European Schengen visa because it follows the European system with these procedures, and the duration of the visit does not exceed 90 days, the official language is Portuguese, which comes mostly from the Latin language, The official currency is the European Euro, whose capital is Lisbon, with an area of ​​about 93,000 square meters. The State of Portugal was established after the fall of Andalusia, to unite with Spain and then separate from it and independently become Portugal.
The Portuguese climate is formed in the spring and autumn seasons in moderation, as it is preferable to travel to it in these months, so that you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Pacific Sea. The tours are inside, but in the summer the weather is hot and the winter is cold, Portugal provides a suitable cost for its hotels and transfers within, because it is considered one The cheapest European country in terms of residency in it, where during the visit, the metro and parties can be independent in order to be able to move in, because taxis have a very high cost.

The most beautiful tourist cities in Portugal


It is one of the most beautiful beaches that you can visit during tourism around Europe, and it is considered the favorite beach for many who love diving, swimming in clear waters and wonderful different water games, where Albufeira is located in the western part of southern Portugal, and it also has many distinct restaurants that offer Delicious seafood or local and international colleges, and shopping centers that spread in the city, and the presence of many recreational activities, either on the beach or in the city, and Albufeira is distinguished by its sandy beaches with a distinctive golden color such as Praia da Falesia and São Rafael.


It is one of the oldest Portuguese cities in terms of its population or its origins, so there are many Portuguese monuments, ancient palaces and art galleries that include many works of artists throughout the ages, the most famous of which is the Ponte Dom Luis Bridge and it is one of the most famous landmarks of the city, because you see through it The most magnificent natural and magical landscape, there is Porto in northern Portugal, it rains most of the year, and this is not inconsistent with its warm atmosphere, and there are also boat tours in the Douro River, museums, theaters and historical churches.


The city of Qashqaiş overlooks the Portuguese Riviera, and it is one of the most important places that most celebrities and the rich go to because it provides them with privacy, comfort and tranquility.


It is the capital of Portugal and it is one of its oldest cities, it has many ruins of Portuguese history, palaces, gardens and museums with a huge tourist attraction, characterized by its moderate climate most of the year, overlooking the River Tah, which is one of the most populous Portuguese cities and one of the most famous places that There is the Alfama region, which is the heart of Lisbon, where there are many restaurants and cafes different and international, as well as various local markets, and also the Belem region, which was classified among the list of World Heritage because it contains many important monuments, such as the famous Jeronimos Monastery, and contains many castles Historic like St. Castle Lorgues.


It is the capital of the Madeira Islands and is one of the most important tourist cities in the Portuguese, and because there is no private airport that you can go to directly or through marine ships that take you to Portugal, Funchal contains the monuments and natural reserves that many seek to experience, also characterized by a warm atmosphere throughout the year, It is one of the most beautiful islands that you will enjoy a lot of spending time inside.

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