princesses island

Princess Island is one of the islands of the province of Istanbul, which is a group of islands located in the Sea of ​​Marmara, and some of its islands take a rather large size, but the vast majority of its islands are small in size, with a total area of ​​about 15.85 square kilometers.

Name the island

The island of princesses was named by this name in relation to the Byzantine princesses who were deported to this place in the Byzantine era, and later turned this island into a special resort for the queens of the Ottoman Empire at that time, because it is distinguished by its privacy that is unique to it from other islands, in addition to that it is one of the islands Far from the main center of Istanbul.

Number of islands

Princess Island consists of nine islands, and the ferry stops in four of them. This ferry is characterized by it going in a regular manner on a daily basis, and it is one of the islands that are visited by large numbers of tourists in the summer season, and their number is estimated at about 100,000 visitors annually, because visitors want to spend times Holidays and vacations on such islands, in order to have a rest and relaxation, and to stay away from the hot and noisy atmosphere in the city.

The largest islands in princesses islands

Princess Island contains many islands, the largest of which is Buick Atah Island, where the commercial center occupies a small part of it, and the rest of this island is divided between natural forests, and many homes owned by wealthy people, in addition to the distinguished services that this island provides to tourists, And it contains many shops that tourists can buy various souvenirs from, and restaurants that offer various meals suitable for all groups, and other services.

Means of arrival to the island

A visitor can reach the princesses island through many small-sized ports in Istanbul such as the port of Qabatash, in addition to the ability to move between the big islands in them, through the available marine bus service, but the visitor faces a great difficulty in going to this island in the winter, Because of the difficulty in transporting it, in addition to being exposed to severe cold, these difficulties play a major role in the small number of visitors to it in this chapter.

Island features

Princesses Island is characterized by its beautiful natural scenery, in addition to the ability to move about it, through several means, the most important of which are vehicles drawn by horses, bicycles, and motorcycles of small size, all of these matters made it a tourist place that attracts large numbers of tourists, who wish to obtain Have fun in this wonderful place, knowing that it prevents visitors from entering private cars, except for some cars belonging to the government.

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