The parks in Stockholm in particular, and Sweden in general are one of the most tourist areas that attract many local residents in Stockholm and visitors from outside, so we will inform you about the best parks in Stockholm.

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The best parks in Stockholm

Haga Park

Haga ParkThis park is considered one of the largest and most famous parks owned by Stockholm, as the area of ​​this park is more than fourteen million square meters, and this park offers the most wonderful views for visitors, as it overlooks one of the most beautiful lakes in Sweden, Lake Brunnsviken, and offers many Among the tourist attractions that attract thousands of visitors, including the wonderful historical and cultural buildings that exist in Sweden, as there are more than twenty six thousand trees, and visitors were able to carry out many different activities, including viewing the magnificent Haja Palace, which is one of the most famous palaces of Sweden and was Inhabited by Queen Victoria and her husband, seeing the magnificent architectural edifice of the Swedish King Gustav III Pavilion tent and watch the copper and others.

Rosendals Garden

Rosendals Garden
Parks in Stockholm, Sweden If you are looking for the best parks in Stockholm, do not hesitate to visit Rosendals Garden and Park, which had been established in the past, it has been in existence for more than thirty years, and crosses this park from the gardens that are filled with many plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables, And it enables its visitors to taste all kinds of different harvesting for visitors, and this is done in the garden cafe, Rosendals Garden also enables its visitors to eat fast food or sandwiches that are characterized by wonderful taste, and this garden also offers a bakery that provides visitors with many delicious baked goods and beautiful desserts, and this garden offers to And seen her many exhibitions and events for visitors throughout the year on the whole, and the most important activities carried out by this park they are based on the deployment of vital Mmarasat agriculture.

Kungstradgarden Park

Kungstradgarden ParkIt is one of the most famous and important parks that exist in Stockholm, and it is located in a privileged place, as it is located in the center of Stockholm, and this park is a large green square full of vitality and activity, and brings pleasure and happiness in the hearts of visitors, as it offers many landscapes Picturesque, which is one of the most important sources of attracting visitors to this park, and this park is considered one of the most important centers of Stockholm for the establishment of singing concerts and music and various events in the summer, and offers many different activities in the winter, the most famous of which is skiing, snowboarding Bur this park is one of the tranquil gardens that help rest and relaxation away from the noise of the city.


TegnérlundenIt is considered one of the most important parks that exist in Stockholm, and this park is located on the borders of Stockholm, and this park was built in 1890, has been completely renovated in 1940 AD, and this park contains many different tourist attractions, including sculptures and statues, This park enables its visitors to take fun walking tours, in addition to that they can see many statues, the most famous of which is the Karl Alden statue. This park also contains many different seating places and seats necessary for rest and relaxation, in addition to that it offers many N magnificent views of picturesque scenery, the nature embodied by the landscapes of great beauty and magnificence, do not hesitate to visit.

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