The boat, Nephthys Nile Cruise, is considered one of the manifestations of the difference in tourism in Luxor from all cities in Egypt, as it arranges Nile cruises in Luxor and Aswan, which roam the two ancient cities, passing through the most important tourist attractions that dazzle all those who set their eyes on them.

The boat offers a wonderful view of the Nile River, and it also offers unique accommodation in the open air.

Through the following lines, we will get acquainted with everything that specializes in Nevis Cruise and start with its most important features.

Features Nephthys Nile Cruise boat

The hotel is distinguished for its wonderful outdoor views, elegant wooden furniture, and a sun terrace overlooking the Nile River. The hotel offers evening parties in distinctive styles.

There are family rooms with a lake view, private rooms for smokers, a desk, room service and a groom suite.

It has an outdoor pool and a shared lounge, along with a picnic area, a chapel, gift shops, temporary exhibitions and a beauty salon.

It offers a full body massage health care service, personal trainer, fitness exercises, spa lounge / relaxation area, spa facilities and beauty services.

Besides many sporting and leisure activities include billiards and car rental.

Food options

Nephthys Nile Cruise has a single restaurant serving local cuisine in the form of three breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. Guests can eat fruits. There are meals and a kid-friendly buffet.

Available rooms

Cabin room on a boat for two adults.

Triple room with private bathroom for three people

Deluxe single room with balcony for adult.

Hotel rates

The standard room rate in the hotel ranges from $ 220 to $ 390 for three nights, and rates vary according to season and other times of the year.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is rated good in terms of staff, hygiene, and food provided.

Hotel reservation
One of the rooms of Nephthys Cruise
Room for two in Nephthys Nile Cruise
Nephthys Nile Cruise pool
The restaurant is inside Nephthys Nile Cruise
Standard room for two people in the ship Nephthys
The ship Hotel Nephthys on the Nile

Location Nephthys Nile Cruise boat

Nile Cruise Nephthys is located in Luxor, near many of Luxor’s famous sights such as sound and light, 1.3 km away.

The hotel is 10.8 km from Luxor International Airport and 350 meters from the Mummification Museum.

To learn more about the ship Nephthys and its prices in different seasons, please complete reading at Booking.

Hotel reservation

What are the advantages that make a hotel Nephthys Nile Cruise boat the best choice?

The Nephthys Nile Cruise Hotel is a visitor taking a tour around the magnificent Luxor and Aswan.
It also boasts beautiful views of the Nile River, distinct service compared to the price, based on Arab hotel reviews.

What are the downsides of a hotel Nephthys Nile Cruise Which should you be aware of?

Among the negatives that Arab guests mentioned in their hotel reviews: non-extending wfi coverage for rooms, food is not good.

Is there a pool in a hotel? The ship Nephthys?

Yes, Nephthys Nile Cruise Hotel has 2 outdoor swimming pools.

How much does it cost to stay in Nafthis Hotel for one night?

The price of stay in the hotel ranges from 220 to 390 dollars, as prices vary according to the season and other times of the year.

Is breakfast in Nile Cruise Nephthys Included in the price of the stay?

Breakfast is included in the price of the stay, according to the reservation type. This is clearly stated in the reservation details.

Is breakfast good or bad in a hotel? Nephthys Cruz ?

Some guests have praised the breakfast served by the Nephthys Nile Cruise Hotel / and some have mentioned it as inappropriate.

Is a hotel composite Nephthys Nile Cruise Suitable for Arab families?

The Nafthis Nile Cruise boat hotel is suitable for Gulf families and Arab families in general, as it provides a suitable buffet for children – family rooms – television networks for children – books, DVD and music for children.

What is the best way to get to a hotel composite Nephthys Nile Cruise From the airport quickly?

You can easily reach from Luxor International Airport in just 15 minutes with a private car.

What is the dining experience in a hotel composite Nephthys Nile Cruise?

Nephthys Nile Cruise has one restaurant that serves local cuisine as a buffet for the three main meals.

Are there good restaurants near the ship Nephthys?

Nafthis Nile Cruise boat hotel is close to several Arab restaurants, and they are good restaurants according to Arab reviews.
Among them is the taste of the famous Lantern Room, McDonald’s Restaurant, The Most Important Umm Hashem Restaurant, Al-Sahaby Lane Restaurant, and Sufra Restaurant.

What sightseeing activities near a hotel? composite Nephthys Nile Cruise ?

Near the Nile Cruise Nephthys Hotel, there are a number of attractions, including Luxor Temple, Luxor Museum, and Karnak Temple.

How far is the hotel Nephthys Cruz About the tourist areas in Luxor?

The ship Hotel Nephthys from Luxor Temple is 550 meters, 400 meters from Luxor Museum and 2.3 km from Karnak Temple.

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