Tourism in Luxor is not limited to borders like those that define tourism in Egypt in general, so we cannot classify it with knowledge only, or entertainment, or historical; there is a mosque that makes it a combination of those patterns and increases, namely, Luxor hotels and specifically the prices of Luxor hotels that were able to achieve from Al-Raqq is superior to all of Egypt’s hotels, without slipping into the high financial cost company.

Below are the most important tips to get the lowest hotel prices in Luxor without compromising your desired luxury

Tips to get the lowest prices
Luxor hotels

In quick and brief points we offer a set of tips that will help you in getting to know Luxor hotels and their prices to help the traveler in planning a tight budget for his trip:

• In order for you to get the lowest hotel prices in Luxor, you must stay as far as possible away from those hotels near the city’s most famous sights, as proximity to landmarks is a major factor in the high cost of accommodation, knowing that the city’s internal transportation plays its role in bringing distances closer to prices Cheap.

• The peak tourist season in Luxor reaches its highest peak in the winter, and accordingly, the farther away from the peak season times, the lower the Luxor hotel prices as an inevitable result of a lack of tourist arrivals.

• Hotel classification plays a pivotal role in determining the price of the hotel. Hence, the choice of a less-rated 5-star hotel is one of the determinants of grabbing low prices, and a lower rating does not necessarily mean a lower level of service for the hotel.

• What determines the price of Luxor hotels in terms of height and low does not depend on the hotel with its components as a single basis, but rather the nature of the residential neighborhood in which the hotel resides in raising the residence price, thus we conclude that neighborhood hotels crowded with commercial centers, banks and various services are the most expensive.

Luxor hotels prices

We offer
Here you have what can be considered a comprehensive guide to Luxor hotels and their prices
Examples of excellent hotel services and amenities, as well as very reasonable prices
For owners of medium and limited budgets.

Cleopatra Luxor Hotel

You are planning to get the best prices for Luxor hotels without cutting out good service
Cleopatra Hotel is at the top of the list, besides its competitive prices, it is one of Luxor’s most distinguished hotels
In terms of location and panoramic view of the valley of famous kings and queens.

The hotel is 1.9 km from Luxor Temple, 2.1 km from Luxor Museum, 4.7
Km of Tombs of the Valley of the Queens 29.7 km from Luxor International Airport.

Read our report on a hotel Cleopatra Luxor

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is rated Excellent thanks to the cooperation of the staff, the favorable price and the availability
Convenience, location excellence, ultimate hygiene and diversity of facilities.

Hotel reservation
Compared to other Luxor hotels, these hotels give you the opportunity to get the best Luxor hotels rates

Eatabe Luxor Hotel

Luxor’s best hotels and budget rates, offering modern rooms with garden or view views
The Nile, an outdoor pool, health care services, and tour bookings.

The hotel is 1.2 km from Luxor Temple, 300 meters from Luxor Museum, 2.2 km from Temple
Karnak, 8.4 km from Luxor International Airport.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is rated very well for its location advantage, comfort factors, competitive price,
Good reception staff, hygiene, various facilities.

Hotel reservation
Know with us the best Luxor hotels and their prices through this report with the most important advice

Windsor Luxor Hotel

Windsor Hotel offers the best prices for Luxor hotels, as well as elegant family units, a pool, a terrace, and a lounge
Billiards and table tennis, sauna and fitness center.

The hotel is 1.3 km from Luxor Temple, 600 meters from Luxor Museum, 1.1 km from Corniche
Nile, 8.4 km from Luxor International Airport.

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Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is well rated in terms of location, staff, comfort, price fit for a standard
Service, hygiene, facilities.

Hotel reservation
If you are planning to get the best hotel rates in Luxor without cutting out good service, this report will help you with that

Isis Luxor Hotel

Isis Luxor always provides marketing offers that are the most optimal and cheapest in the city, in addition to the refinement and luxury of residence, wonderful views of the Nile.

The resort is on the banks of the Nile, 5 minutes from Luxor Temple, 2.8 km from Luxor Museum,
10.8 km from Luxor International Airport.

Read our report on a hotel Isis Luxor

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel has a good evaluation for providing the best Luxor hotels prices in addition to the distinguished location,
Efficient staff, comfort, hygiene, facilities.

Hotel reservation
The most important advice to get the lowest hotel rates in Luxor and how to book

Steigenberger Luxor Hotel

Despite its distinguished location in the heart of the city and its charming view of the Nile, it is one of the lowest hotel prices in Luxor and the best in terms of services.

The hotel is in the heart of Luxor, 6 minutes from Luxor Temple, 11.1 km from
Luxor International Airport.

Read our report on a hotel Steigenberger Luxor

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Visitors are great thanks to the efficiency of the staff, the location excellence, the cleanliness, the convenience,
Diversity of facilities, competitive price.

Hotel reservation
The best options and best prices for Luxor hotels you can get

What are the best times of the year to book a hotel in Luxor at the cheapest prices?

The further you stay away from the peak season, which is the winter in Luxor, the lower the prices of Luxor hotels as a result of the lack of tourists, which allows you to get the best hotels in Luxor and their prices are appropriate for your budget.

How do you get the best prices for Luxor hotels?

The tourist boom season, as well as the hotel category and its location, play an important role in determining the price of the hotel, and it is imperative to avoid booking Luxor hotels during the boom period, as hotel prices in Luxor rise to double, as well as choosing a hotel that is less rated in terms of stars, and finally away from tourist attractions When you live.

What are the prices of 5-star Luxor hotels?

Luxor 5 star hotel prices range from 46 to 127 USD, according to the period of the year

What are the hotel prices in Luxor overlooking the Nile?

Luxor hotels with Nile views range from $ 39 to $ 127, according to their rating and period of the year

How much are Luxor hotels in the New Year season?

The prices of hotels in Luxor rise in the New Year season to double, as that period is the same as the tourist boom season in the city, bringing the price of one night’s stay to more than 130 US dollars, depending on the room type.

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