Report on the Hyatt Najran Hotel

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The four-star Hyatt Najran Hotel is one of the best hotels in Najran in Saudi Arabia, providing its visitors with excellent service in addition to a large number of wonderful leisure activities that make your stay inside it an unforgettable stay, here is everything you need to know about the Hyatt Najran Hotel

The most important features offered by the Hyatt Najran Hotel

The rooms of Hayat Najran Hotel are characterized by a good space suitable for living and moving, in addition to their charming diverse views on the skyline of the city of Najran.
The rooms have terraces with chairs and a table suitable for sunbathing and intertwining at night. The hotel also provides a number of other services such as an equipped fitness room with private lessons in this area for an additional fee.
The hotel also has an outdoor pool that works all year round with another indoor one, next to the spa lounge, relaxation area and sauna, while various steam and massage rooms can be used for an additional fee.
Among the recreational games that the hotel provides free of charge to its guests are table tennis, billiards, a tennis court in addition to ample spaces for walking or biking, along with a children’s playground.
The hotel has souvenir shops in addition to a supermarket and other shops. The hotel also provides tour ticket reservations and airport transfers for an additional fee.

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Dining options

Inside the Hyatt Najran Hotel, there is a main restaurant specialized in serving American and Asian food with meals for children, in the form of an open buffet and a menu. There is also a café that offers a number of different hot drinks, and a bar serving ice cream and juices.

Available rooms

Standard single room with one single bed.
Standard double room with large double bed.
One-bedroom junior suite with large double bed, and living room with sofa bed.
Executive suite with a very large double bed.
Standard twin room with two single beds.
Two-bedroom suite, the first with a very large double bed, and the second with 2 Japanese futons.

Hotel rates

The room price reaches $ 67 per night during the tourist seasons, and the price varies according to the size and view of the room.
Room rates start at $ 67 USD during non-tourist seasons.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel is rated well in both cleanliness, comfort and staff, with negative comments regarding the diversity of breakfast and poor hygiene in some rooms.
Report on the Hyatt Najran Hotel - Report on the Hyatt Najran Hotel
Report on the Hyatt Najran Hotel - Report on the Hyatt Najran Hotel
1581362282 656 Report on the Hyatt Najran Hotel - Report on the Hyatt Najran Hotel
1581362282 952 Report on the Hyatt Najran Hotel - Report on the Hyatt Najran Hotel

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Hyatt Najran Hotel website

Hyatt Najran Hotel is a 15-minute drive from Jabal Al-Shallal, an 11-minute drive from Hyper Panda, and Najran Regional Airport is a 29-minute drive away.

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For more details about the Hyatt Najran Hotel and the prices, you can read in Bukking.
Report on the Hyatt Najran Hotel - Report on the Hyatt Najran Hotel

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