The lavender resort of Taif is considered one of the best resorts and hotels in Taif, where the beauty of the resort’s interior designs, with distinctive accommodations and service facilities, that provide all amenities and entertainment for the traveler, what makes the resort one of the best resorts and hotels of Saudi Arabia for families.

The resort is also cheap and suitable for anyone looking for cheap resorts in Taif, and this is the most important information about lavender resorts that are of interest to every traveler.

The most important features offered by the lavender resort

The resort features classic and simple classic designs, with distinctive pieces inside the rooms. The accommodations also include a kitchen that includes a refrigerator, stove, and a kettle for drinks.

The resort also offers a range of the finest water games for children directly on the pool, and a picnic area with a garden, where you can relax, and go on hiking tours.

Lavender Resort Taif offers a café serving drinks, there is also grocery delivery services, in addition to a 24-hour reception, with Arabic and English staff, and free parking.

Dining options in Al Khozama Resort, Taif

The resort does not offer a restaurant, but guests can enjoy local and international delicacies at the numerous restaurants nearby.

Rooms available at the lavender resort

One bedroom apartment with balcony
It accommodates two people.

A two bedroom apartment for up to 4 people.

Two bedroom apartment with pool
Especially, it has two bedrooms and can accommodate 5 people.

Available in Al Khozama Resort, Al Taif Villa with a private pool consisting of 5 rooms, accommodating 10 people.

Prices Al Khozama Resort, Taif

Apartment prices range from one room for two people from 100 to 197 USD, depending on the time of year, the tourist season and the size and type of apartments and villas.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The resort got a good evaluation of the quality of services at the resort, facilities, hygiene, comfort, location, and the staff got a very good evaluation.

Hotel reservation
Premium water games are available at lavender resorts
The living spaces of Al Khozama Taif Resort are distinguished by their sophisticated furniture and modern facilities
The room facilities at Al Khozama Taif Resorts are comfortable and excellent
Al Khozama Resort Taif offers fully equipped residential units

For more details about the hotel and the price quotes, you can read on the Bukking website.

Hotel reservation

Location Lavender Resorts

The heart of Taif Mall is 5.2 km away, and Taif Airport is 25.8 km away.

Hotels near From the lavender resort:

The four chapters Taif

What are the features that make Al Khozama Resort Taif the best choice?

Characterized Lavender Resort Excellent location, beautiful views, spacious and clean rooms, great service compared to the price, based on the Arab reviews of the hotel.

What are the downsides of lavender resorts in Taif that you should be aware of?

Some people complained of some problems with the Internet and Wi-Fi, and problems with programming electronic keys.

Is there a pool in the lavender hotel and resort?

Yes, the resort has an outdoor and an indoor pool.

How much does it cost to stay at lavender resorts for one night?

Apartment prices range from one room for two people from 100 to 197 USD, depending on the time of year, the tourist season and the size and type of apartments and villas.

How far is the resort of Al Khozama, Taif, from the tourist areas and commercial markets in Taif?

The hotel is about 5 minutes by car from the Heart of Taif Mall, and about 21 minutes by car from the airport.

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