Al-Hawiya, north of Taif, includes a group of distinctive Al-Hoya chalets that open their doors to tourism enthusiasts in Taif, as the city is one of the most beautiful tourist cities, as it includes a group of the best Saudi hotels in general and Taif hotels in particular, in addition to being a distinct tourist and recreational park.

We present to you a report on Al Hawiya Chalet in Taif, which includes its most important features, based on the reviews of Arab visitors.

The best Hawiye chalets

Al-Hawiya Chalets Taif is one of the Al-Taif Chalets, which is characterized by simplicity and natural beauty, with views of roses, trees and natural greenery.

Not to mention the facilities, and excellent services, so we leave you to choose a chalet in Al Hawiya from the list of chalets in this report.

Arnica Chalet

Arnica is one of the chalets in the most beautiful place in the Hawiye, providing you with a private pool, with large rooms, and multiple units, with TV in each unit, and a private seating area.

It also offers distinctive views of the rooms to the pool, with all units equipped with a kitchen that includes various food and beverage processing equipment.

The chalet is 11.6 km from Al-Hawiyah, and 9.3 km from Al-Mudabaa Park, and it is among the Al-Hawiyah chalets near the airport in this report, as it is 12.6 km from Taif Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

He got a very good evaluation in terms of facilities, services, cleanliness of the place, value for money, and comfort.

Hotel reservation
Wonderful sessions from the wonderful Hawiye Chalet

Light Moon Taif

Among the distinctive chalets that are infested with trees and roses, with Arab sessions in the air in front of the green spaces in the garden, with some entertainment facilities and games for children.

The chalet includes rooms for families, with a large lounge for sitting and gathering the family in a pleasant atmosphere. It also provides an equipped kitchen, which includes a refrigerator, washing machine, oven, stove, and kettle, and is considered among the favorite Hawiye Taif chalets for visitors.

The chalet is 28.1 km from the container region, and from an airport
Taif International 37.8 km.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Light Moon Chalet Taif was rated well, in terms of facilities, services, cleanliness, value for money, and comfort, and the staff received a great evaluation.

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Room of some of the best chalets in El Hawia

Rance Hotel Chalets

Rance’s chalets offer a private pool with children’s play areas, outdoor and garden sessions, with barbecue facilities.

While the interior of the chalet contains large rooms, it includes living places overlooking the pool, and private parking spaces for free.

Rans Hotel Chalets is 10.8 km away from the container area, and away from
The airport is 20.5 km, and the King Faisal Park is 6.2 km.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The chalets received a very good evaluation as one of the best Hawiye chalets in terms of facilities, services, cleanliness, value for money, and comfort, and the crew got a great evaluation.

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Some of the lounges from Al-Hawiyah Chalets Taif

What are the best chalets in Al-Hawiyah Taif?

Arnica Chalet , Light Moon Taif , Rance Hotel Chalets It is considered one of the best and most popular Hawaiian chalets among Arab tourists.

What is the best chalet in Alhawia for families?

Chalet Light Moon Taif , Rance Hotel Chalets They are family-friendly chalets that provide family rooms, with some game facilities.

What is the average cost of staying in El Hawia Chalet per night?

The average cost of stay in a Hawiye chalet ranges between 135 USD and 210 USD, and the price varies according to the period of the year and the Chalet facilities.

What is the best chalet located near Taif International Airport?

Arnica Chalet It is the closest among the chalets in the report, about 15 minutes drive from the airport.

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