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Attention to infrastructure

There are a set of methods that can be taken to improve the infrastructure of tourist places and stimulate tourism, and they are as follows:

  • Interest in sanitation.
  • Development of electrical supplies.
  • Increase the number of vehicles and transportation.
  • Providing internet networks to enable communication easily.
  • Mobile network coverage.
  • The presence of networks that serve landlines.
  • Providing easy and comfortable means of travel.
  • The presence of drinking water.

Use of promotional resources

There are a set of measures that can be taken to stimulate tourism through media and promotional resources, as follows:

  • Create promotional resources, which can be shirts, posters, caps, and flags with the city logo and brands added, and this can be done by hiring a designer or a painter to create these promotional resources.
  • Create a tourist map that includes a brief description of the main attractions of the city and its locations, and the activities that tourists can do in each region, and put it in shopping centers, restaurants, and other places.
  • Regulating advertisements and television programs, whether these ads are radio or television, with a focus on putting the city logo and the important points discussed in the marketing plan.

Travel companies

Tourism is characterized by being constantly changing, and there are many places and destinations that may interest others, whether it is for work or for personal matters; for this, travel companies and institutions must take many measures to stimulate tourism, as follows:

  • Organizing an integrated travel experience, as the traveler does not only want cheap flights, but also searches for a comprehensive travel trip for reservations for activities, restaurants, hotels, and other requirements. Therefore, each tourist company must ensure that the trips organized by it are distinct, and include everything necessary. , Which drives people to come back to try it out later.
  • Update the websites, links and blogs of travel companies, so that the traveler can easily access the information he wants.
  • Improve the travel companies ’relationship with existing and new customers by constantly checking their information, such as checking the correct phone number, the company’s listed website, email, and other information, as well as removing any unimportant information.

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