In Verona, William Shakespeare tells us one of the most wonderful romance stories in history, which is the story of the beloved Romeo and Juliet, and it is said that the story is true, and in Verona there is already a house that resembles Juliet’s house and another house that resembles the Romeo house.
The italyn city of Verona, the city of love
When you wander the streets of the italyn city of Verona, you can imagine the events clearly as told by Shakespeare, and this immortal story is the reason for calling the italyn city of Verona the name of the city of love, and between the story written by Shakespeare and the description he described to the two families, the Juliet family and the Romeo family, And also his description of homes and city streets, makes you think more and more that the story has really happened, but there is no certainty to confirm this claim categorically, and remains the secret city of Verona with the great novelist Shakespeare.

The Romeo and Juliet family
In the famous theatrical novel, the Montagues family, and the Capulets family are two of the most ancient aristocratic families in the city of Verona, and the famous author Dante also mentioned them in his well-known novel “Divine Comedy”, and if you look at the history of the city of Verona you will find that these two families are real Indeed.

Juliet’s house in Verona, Italy
In that building that dates back to the thirteenth century AD, Juliet lived with her family, which is one of the most famous places in Verona, and millions of lovers visit him together, and on one of the walls they leave messages to each other, and in the past lovers were writing their letters directly on the walls, And today special cards have been put in place, and if you enter the house itself you will find a bronze statue of Juliet standing in the middle of an outside square, and you will find it always surrounded by tourists to take pictures.

In this square, too, it is said that Juliet’s room overlooks it from a famous balcony, where Romeo was addressing his girlfriend from the bottom of the balcony, and this house is now a museum belonging to the town of Verona, and it has many wonderful murals and artworks, and it is worth noting that these The balcony was not present in the original design of the house, but was added to it so that the details of the novel written by Shakespeare are in keeping with the details of the house.
And the room itself is full of original artifacts dating back to the time that both Romeo and Juliet lived, which gives the visitor a vivid experience that makes him closer to reality to depict Juliet’s life in her room, and the clothes in the room are the clothes that were used in one of the films Filmed on the story of Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo house in Verona, Italy
Romeo’s house is in fact less famous than Juliet’s, and to you although it is not far from it, we find that the Montagues family house is a majestic medieval building with a spacious courtyard and arch, and is protected by a wall of polished bricks, and returns The reason he is not so popular is that he is not open to a visit like Juliet’s House, Juliet’s house is owned by the municipality, while Romeo’s house is a private property.

Juliet’s grave site in Verona
In the churchyard, William Shakespeare tells us the tragic conclusion of the story, and what is believed to be Juliet’s tomb is in fact located in the garden of the Monastery of San Francesco Al Corso, but the grave was subjected to problems that led to his damage a bit, then was transferred in the thirties under the monastery, and But it can be visited today as part of the Frescos Giovanni Battista Cavalcassel Museum.

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