Not surprisingly, one of the strangest museums in the world is the Avanos Poetry Museum, a complete museum made of poetry.

Avanos town stores

The museum is located in the town of Avanos, which is a small town in Cappadocia, famous for its pottery and mosaic manufacturing. For thousands of years, there are also the most famous places to sell ceramics, and the area is famous for its pottery markets, yet it has a completely different part of everything in the town, which is A cave full of hair, which is the Avanos Hair Museum, specifically hair locks. There are about 16 thousand hair strands for women from all over the world, and on the side of each one the name, with some notes, and contact information .. !!

The story of the Wonder Museum:

Turkish storekeeper Galiz Kölükçü

Of course, this museum has a strange story like this. The Turkish treasurer Shaz Galip Körükçü was saying goodbye to a friend who had to leave the city and parting with the one he loved. He presented him with a lock of hair as a souvenir, to relieve the sadness, and that was in 1979 AD, he refused to take the trait and leave it to his treasured friend He decided to dedicate the upper floor of his work place to commemorate the friend who left him, and after the story was known on multiple levels, more than 16 thousand hair strands were collected over 38 years.
With the passage of years, the place became very popular, until it turned into a museum. Once a visitor enters the museum, he will notice the presence of poetry everywhere, in the walls and on the ceiling, except for the floor, you will find a large collection of poetry memorabilia, with pictures and stories for each of them.

It is not surprising to enter the museum, within the Guinness Book of World Records, and every year a winning trait is chosen, the owner of the story can return to the town of Avanos and enjoy hospitality, not only that, but also participate in pottery lessons with talented craftsmen, The competition is held twice a year in July and December.
It is strange that the museum provides everything for visitors, such as pens, papers, pins and hair cutting supplies, and of course it is not a requirement that every woman who enters the place must leave a lock of her hair, but it is possible to leave a simple donation to the place in exchange for viewing the museum, regardless of the museum, On the ground floor, you can see the artistic workshops, and enjoy watching pottery vessels, mosaics and ceramics, in the traditional Ottoman style.

Pottery workshops in the Museum of Poetry

You can also enjoy the place, by participating in educational workshops, for antique craftsmanship, and photography if you are a fan of photographing the markets, and if you are a photographer looking for a beautiful project, you will find in the village of pottery, a lot of stories and photography projects, with a set of unique designs, which It combines geometric shape, ancient Ottoman art, Address: Yukarı Mahallesi, No: 24 Avanos Nevşehir, 110. Sk., 50500 Avanos / Nevşehir, Turkey Phone: 903845114240

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