Rose Garden in Dubai

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Dubai Rose Garden

The Miracle Garden, or what is known as the Rose Garden is located in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and was created on the Day of Love in 2013, and attracted more than two hundred thousand people in the first month of its opening, it is considered a huge project in the Middle East with an area of ​​more than 72 thousand square meters This makes it the largest natural flower garden in the world, as it contains more than one hundred and nine million natural flowers, and the project costs amounted to approximately eleven million US dollars.

Garden facilities and features

The miracle garden in Dubai is considered the first of its kind in the Middle East, and in the world as a whole, and although it is still in the early stages of its development, it contains the latest facilities and services including open cars, VIP car parks, seating areas, and prayer rooms , Closets for toilets, ablution facilities, a security room, a first aid room, vehicles for visitors with special needs, retail areas, a commercial kiosk, and all other services designed to facilitate the visit for visitors.

Garden environment and location

The presence of this huge project in a harsh desert environment such as Dubai is surprising, and according to those responsible for it, the growth of its flowers depends on the careful re-use of wastewater, and drip irrigation water instead of the most wasteful watering of the water, in addition to the fields that sparkle of flowers, and multiple forms Such as: hearts, domes, and walls covered with flowers highlight the amount of creativity and success in designing this garden.

Entering the park Guinness book

The flowering of vegetables, roses and plants is considered unlikely in a country like the United Arab Emirates, due to its desert nature, but the Dubai Rose Garden contributed to changing this impression and transforming the recognized landscapes into an innovative and unique shape, and preserving all these colorful flowers and keeping them on Surviving in a desert atmosphere is considered a miracle, which entered the garden in the Guinness Book of Records, with the largest arrangement of flowers.


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