San Francisco is one of the cities of California and is distinguished from all other American cities with many advantages, starting with its urban character designed in the Victorian style, which makes you feel like you are in a European city and its beautiful beaches and its islands, just as the San Francisco sanctuary is cool and moderate. The city differs from it in the rest of California, where the weather often tends to heat.

You can visit San Francisco and add it with Los Angeles – Seattle – Oregon – Portland – Yosemite, they are all great tourist destinations close to San Francisco.

Is San Francisco a safe city?

Do not worry, the city is very safe and according to my personal experience, you can wander around the city without fear, but beware the narrow alleys only, and this is a rule that must be followed in any city in the world.

Where do you go in San Francisco?

1- Bear 39 and Fisherman

Fisher Man
Two adjacent areas, which are a beautiful marina, where you find a lot of activities and street parades carried out by young amateurs, and there are many wonderful restaurants in the region, and you can from the Fisherman region see and visit Al-Katraz prison
You can also visit the Wax Museum.

2- The Golden Gate Bridge

Golden San Francisco

Not far from Bear 39 and Fisher Man and the best time to visit it is before sunset and walk from the beginning of the bridge to its end on foot.

3- Union Square

Union Square

It is the center of San Francisco, and it has a small square where ceremonies and official events are held, and Union Square is an upscale shopping area to provide many shopping malls in it.

4- Chinatown.


The largest gathering of Chinese outside China is in San Francisco’s Chinatown, and you find shops displaying Chinese products, and the neighborhood is adorned with traditional Chinese décor so that you will truly feel like yours in China.

5- Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park
It is the largest park in San Francisco and has games for children, green spaces and lakes and a flower garden.

6- Cable Car

San Francisco Tramway

It is the oldest tram in the world and many tourists are keen to try it from Pier 39 to Union Square downtown, but in reality there is a lot of crowding on it so I advise you to watch it only.


San Francisco view

Very nice city view and the best timing for his visit right after sunset.

8- Rocket Boat

Fast bot

Do not miss the speedboat experience in San Francisco and be prepared for a beautiful time


Gu Carr

Do not miss the experience of electric cars Gu Car, which is a small smart car and take a tour and provide you with the most important information and provide you with an explanation of the tourist places and the company has different tours and trips to the most important tourist sites in San Francisco and it is preferred to book from their following site:

Transportation in San Francisco:

Transportation in San Francisco is easy and the public transportation network is better than Los Angeles due to the small size of the city compared to Los Angeles, but the best way remains, which is the taxi or Uber application.

Tourist bus:

There are many companies that offer the tourist bus service in San Francisco, a bus that takes you on a tour of almost all the tourist places in San Francisco. One of the most famous of these companies is Gray Line. You can buy tickets from almost anywhere as their offices are spread in the Pierre 39 area.

You can visit the Yosemite National Park from San Francisco, which is the most famous national park in America, and live in it for two days to enjoy the beautiful nature.

Housing in San Francisco:

I advise you to live in the following tried and tested hotels because they are located in the best areas suitable for tourist accommodation and close to tourist places and public services.

1- Four Seasons Hotel:

It is located in the city center of Union Square and close to shopping complexes.

2- Vital Hotel:

It is located on the northern waterfront overlooking the Pacific Ocean, close to the Golden Gate Park and close to the Gold Gate Bridge.

3- The Ritz-Carlton:

It is located at the top of Nob Hill Hill and close to Yunnan Square.

4- The Fairmont Heritage Hotel:

I advise everyone to its distinguished location in the Fisherman area and close to restaurants and tourist places, in short, everything is close to you.

5- The Ritz-Carlton Resort:

A beautiful resort located on the half-moon beach and directly overlooking the shores of the Pacific Ocean and beautiful green hills, and I advise you to honeymoon travelers.

6- The Westin Hotel:

It is located directly in front of Union Square and it is one of the best options for anyone who wants to live in the June Square area.

7- Marriott Union Square Hotel:

Close to Union Square and close to Chinatown, and its price is reasonable and economical.

8- Zephere Hotel:

It is located in the Fisherman district and it is characterized by the strange boutique design, and the flag has a very nice location and is close to almost everything, and I find nothing better than it in the Fisherman area except the Fairmont Hotel.

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San Francisco City Rating

Location – 8.7

Price level – 7.9

Security level – 9.6

Availability of tourist activities – 10

Various restaurants provide – 10

Market availability – 10

Availability of hotels and apartments – 10

Public transport availability – 8.7


Final evaluation

It is the third destination in California after Los Angeles and San Diego and for nature lovers, it deserves to be a first destination for its proximity to Yosemite Reserve.

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