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Sending tourists to space … at a cost of $ 59 million per person

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Sending tourists to space ... at a cost of - Sending tourists to space ... at a cost of $ 59 million per person

The US space science agency NASA plans to launch a cruise program to the International Space Station within two years.

At a cost of $ 59 million per person .. “NASA” plans to send tourists to space

According to “Russia Today”, the flights will be made using the American spacecraft Crew Dragon developed by “SpaceX” and “Starliner” developed by “Boeing”.

In addition, the space station will organize 3 flights between 2020 and 2023, where tourists will stay in the space station for a month, and the cost of the individual on that trip will be 59 million dollars.
Sources close to the agency said that it was supposed to be the first tourist trip that will be launched by NASA in October 2020, while there will be two other flights in March and August 2021.
It is noteworthy that the Russian Yubuz vehicles are the only ones capable of transporting tourists to the satellite stations, and were used to transport 7 tourists during the period between 2001 and 2009, and the trip cost between 25 to 50 million dollars per person.

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