Learn about the Islamic Garden in Sharjah and Wikipedia, the Emirates are distinguished by the fact that they include many spacious gardens in various parts that are characterized by creativity in their design, in order to attract visitors or tourists in particular, as it is an excellent choice for those looking to visit a new and distinctive place in Sharjah.
The garden is the ideal choice for those looking for calm, relaxation and clearing their mind, by wandering in the vast green areas, but the Islamic garden is a unique and unique experience of its kind, and through Arab travelers we will take you on a small tour inside this place in order to learn about its advantages.

Islamic Garden in Sharjah Wikipedia

  • The garden mainly aims to work on the link between Islam and the environment, by highlighting the importance of these plants mentioned by Islam in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet in order to know a view of plants and the environment in general.
  • Among the benefits of the garden is that it helps to promote meditation and meditation, and it is one of the things that Islam urges us.

Many schools in Sharjah organize visits to this park in order for students to get to know these plants, see them directly and see how important they are.

Islamic Park features

  • The garden includes various types of plants that have been mentioned in the Holy Quran, such as grapes, pomegranates, basil and camphor, in addition to ginger and figs, in addition to Sidr and spiny tales, the number of plants in that garden reached about 50.
  • The garden also includes rare types of plants, such as the oud tree, which is used to make perfumes.
  • The management of the garden focuses on highlighting these plants, by having a visitor screen that provides them with all the important information about each type of plant.
  • The garden includes many types of plants that were mentioned in the Sunnah of the Prophet, such as black seed and mustard, along with saffron and aloe vera.
  • Another feature of the garden is that it is suitable for everyone, including people with special needs, so that they can enjoy the place with ease.
  • Inside the garden there is a café that offers different types of food and juices. It also depends on some natural ingredients found in the garden for preparing drinks.
  • The park represents a discovery of various types of plants that had never been seen before.
  • Inside the garden there is a library that includes many books that talk about the plants mentioned in the Holy Qur’an and honorable hadiths, as well as many brochures and magazines dealing with the importance of plants and their uses, and there is also an educational room inside the garden.
  • The garden administration was keen on arranging and coordinating the plants in a way that enables the visitor to see them completely, as the degree of height was relied on by placing the lowest height plants at the beginning and the height of which ranges between 4-14 meters, followed by plants that are more than 14 meters high .

It is worth noting that this park was opened nearly 5 years ago in cooperation with UNESCO, and the number of its visitors has increased significantly to reach about half a million visitors, and within the park there is a group of specialists whose job is determined in caring for each plant separately.

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