We will take a look at the most important means of transportation such as ferries, buses, trains, etc., and you can use them in the civilized city of Istanbul.

First, the phrase Ferry:
Known in Turkey as the vapur steamers, it is one of the best conductors that connect the two ends of Istanbul, consisting of the European wing, and the Asian wing, where the rush hour on the bridges starts from eight in the morning until six in the evening, so the bridges of Turkey that connect the two wings are filled with cars, making it difficult to move A lot of time is wasted.

Therefore, tourists prefer to arrive from the Asian wing of a European or vice versa, by crossing from the Bosphorus Strait. There are three main stations on the European Pavilion, they are:
Beşiktaş Station
Kabataş Station is currently undergoing modification and restoration.
– Kadıköy Karakoy Station.

These ferries go directly to Kadıköy Station in the Asian Pavilion, and the trips are on regular dates, and the journey takes 20 minutes at most, and the first flights start at seven in the morning, and the flights are every 20 minutes, for example the first flight 7, the second 7.20, the third 7.40 and so on The most popular marine buses are Dentur Avrasya Bus and Deniz otobüsleri Bus.
It carries the ferry from 700-2100 people but due to the size and type of the ship, payment is made by Akbil, or the Istanbul card, which is an electronic prepaid card, the card is shipped the first time with seven Turkish liras, and it is used in kiosks, means of transport, It is shipped through an electronic device located in different parts of the city.

Second, phrases for private companies:
It is a small steamer, called Motor, and it is located alongside government ships, but it is owned by private sector companies, and it is distinctive that it can be chartered in particular, and it accepts a card to pay and cash in, and it is located in the Cartel region, and its flights are mostly directed to the Princess Islands.

Third, transportation terms for vehicles:
It is intended for the transportation of vehicles from the European wing to the Asian wing and vice versa, and it is considered one of the easiest means of access, and it is a very convenient way especially during peak times. Tickets or cards are purchased before entering the port, and also through it can move to other cities such as Bursa.

Fourthly Sea Taxi Deniz Taksi:
The advantage of this service is that it works 24 hours a day, works throughout the week, is specifically rented for transportation between the European and Asian wings, or for the Stock Exchange and Princess Islands, and sea taxi prices vary, depending on the speed and type of service provided, as well as night rates are higher than daylight rates.

Fifthly, “Metrobus”:
It has its downsides and positives, and it is a bus that passes within certain lanes, so it does not mix with normal traffic, from buses and cars, because it crosses only specific places, and it works from six in the morning until 12 midnight, one of its drawbacks is frequent parking in each The stations, which are crowded because it crosses all over the city of Istanbul, the turnout is great, and payment is also made through the Istanbul card.

Sixth metro:
The metro system in Istanbul has grown incredibly in the past years, today there are many lines and stations, but it is very crowded during rush hour, many metro lines, in the upscale and famous neighborhoods, and by 2018 AD, a new set of lines will open to connect Istanbul together, also pay with the Istanbul card.

Seventh Tunnel Trolley: It is one of the easiest means of transportation to connect Karakoy and Beyoglu district, which is the second oldest railway in Istanbul, opened in 1875 AD.

Eighth Marmaray Train:
The tunnel under the Bosphorus, which runs from the Kızılçeşme region on the European side to Çışmesi irlik on the Asian side, is the most comfortable alternative to avoiding crossing from bridges, and paying with the Istanbul card.

IX Tramvay:
Of the main means of transportation, within the city of Istanbul, there are three lines, one inside the Asian wing in the Kadikoy region, which is a short and old line, linking Kadikoy to Moda, and two inside the European wing, one in the Taksim area, and connecting the Independence Square to the Beyo بايlu region, and the line The last one connects the Kabatache district with the Bagler area, which is the busiest rush hour.

X Taxi:
The taxi is usually in yellow and carries the word taxi sign in the English language, and is available in all places in the city of Istanbul, and there are all electronic counter devices, to calculate distances and determine the fee, and the counter starts from four pounds, then 2.5 pounds per kilo, and the price varies Daylight, about the price of the night.

Eleventh Dolmuş taxis or common cars:
It is a taxi that can seat eight people, has specific routes, and payment is made according to the distance, and is characterized by speed, and low cost, when you want to get off anywhere you say Ingenic Var, to stop the driver.

Twelfth public bus Otobüs:
It is one of the cheapest means of transportation within Istanbul, and it can move around the city, and each bus has a number and below the number of places the bus crosses from, and it is paid by Istanbul card, or payment in cash.

Thirteenth cable car:
The cable car is one of the entertainment means of transportation in Istanbul, and there are only two lines, the first link is the Pepper Lote region with the Ayoub region, and the second connects the Besiktas region, with the Maçka region, and payment by Istanbul card, the cart can accommodate 7-9 people.

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