These heights formally follow the town of Eppasta, which is located in northern Turkey, and the small town of Eppasta follows the Turkish state of Ordu. Above the sea level, it is considered one of the highest and longest plateaux in the city. Tourist activities include many activities such as mountain climbing, hiking and visiting the lake located there, along with other entertainment such as shopping and others, and one of the largest activities that occur in the highlands It is the free wrestling festival and the traditional Barshamba race that takes place on the opposite paved road.

The town contains a lake named after the same name of the region, and they are one of the largest and most beautiful lakes. The area around the lake is filled with many restaurants, cafes, parks and groceries, and a group of wonderful cottages and a mountain park in the heart of the forest have opened near them, the price of the cottage is 150 pounds and can accommodate 4 People with breakfast, lake coordinates N39 44 833 and E 037 00 712.

Tourist activities in the highlands of Barshamba

These highlands are a good place for family tourism, where to enjoy a family picnic with children in the vast green spaces that will take you to another world full of beauty and charm of nature.

Equestrianism or riding a horse-drawn carriage is a feature that visitors of this country love to enjoy during their tours in these highlands and in the area surrounding the lake. The view from horseback riding takes the kernels, which is one of the most important activities provided by the centers of the region’s tourism there.

There are many traditional ceremonies that take place in the town. If you are lucky, your visit will coincide with one of these celebrations, and one of these celebrations is the most famous of which is the traditional Barshamba race that takes place along the road that takes place every Thursday.

One of the most beautiful moments you can spend in Barshamba when you cruise one of the rowing boats in the lake, that lake inhabited by ducks and geese do not forget to bring some bread to feed it.

Not only will you, but the kids will also be happy, as the town contains many playgrounds for them that they can spend time playing, as it contains a number of slides, swings and plastic toys.

You will not miss the opportunity to enjoy trying some delicious Turkish foods offered by the restaurants there, and one of these local foods there are different types of meat roasted by local methods, as there are at least 30 restaurants near the lake that sell only barbecues.

There is a hotel in the town called Beilin Springs from Urdu Hotels and it is 3.3 km from Barshamba Ordu Heights, where you can stay during this time spent there.

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