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There is no doubt that you know this neighborhood famous for tennis, so you will definitely enjoy visiting it during the season of energetic tournaments, and you will love watching tennis stars compete in a heated match on the big screen in the Piazza Restaurant, even if you do not have a ticket to attend the tournaments personally. You can also visit the magnificent Wimbledon Tennis Museum at any time of the year to learn about the history of this exciting sport. But tennis is not the only thing that characterizes this neighborhood in south-west London.

If you want to shop, Wimbledon is your destination. It includes a wide range of boutiques such as Wessels, LK Bennett, Joseph and Reese. Enjoy a delicious meal that powers you in one of the wonderful restaurants that offer a variety of delicious delicacies, all in the same neighborhood. The Ivy Café is a must visit for the finest British cuisine, and The White Onion French Restaurant offers a range of delicious French dishes punctuated with a modern twist.
The village of Wimbledon includes many cafes where you can enjoy drinking coffee and savoring sweet desserts. Moreover, the village of Wimbledon is an ideal place for horseback riding, it is located on the edge of Wimbledon Common Square, which in turn is a beautiful site for hiking and exploring a range of beautiful lounges such as Fox and Grips, Crooked Bailey and Hand in Hand where you can enjoy the most delicious refreshing drinks.
And if you want to spend quality time in a lively atmosphere, there is no doubt that Wimbledon village center is the perfect place for you, where you can choose between a wide range of restaurants and lounges. You can visit Franco Mangalle for delicious pizza, Roxy Restaurant that offers the tastiest steak, and The Loft Restaurant that offers a selection of burgers bursting with mouths.
But if you want to listen to live music while you are having the best delicacies, visit The Old Fresel Restaurant, which also serves an amazing lunch on Sunday. You should also watch one of West End’s great musicals, major shows, and comedians’ performances, or you can book a tour of the scenes of the new Wimbledon, one of the largest theaters outside Central London.

Wimbledon is the last stop of the metro station that runs through the Wimbledon branch at District District Metro, which is 20 minutes from Earls Court. Train services to London Waterloo Station are regularly available, and can be reached within 20 minutes.

It is located in Wimbledon, a Doug and Fox resthouse, which is a beautiful boutique hotel. Alternatively, you can choose Hotel de Van Wimbledon Canizarro House, which is located in the Common area and features a luxurious interior and exterior design. It is also possible to stay affordable at the Antoinette Hotel, which is located in the town center.


This neighborhood features a lively town center, a collection of cafes, restaurants and independent stores, as well as beautiful greenery like the Putney Heath Park. It is worth noting that this neighborhood enjoys a strategic location on the banks of the River Thames, which makes it a hotbed for sports enthusiasts to visit all year round, especially in April when the world-famous boat race takes place between Oxford University and Cambridge University.

Head to the banks of the river to enjoy water sports activities, knowing that the area includes many rowing clubs. Rowing is also a great way to explore the Thames. In addition, a number of great lounges are lining the banks of the River Thames, such as The Waterhouse located directly on the waterfront, Dukes Head which is the starting point for boat racing, and Star and Garter that includes its own club and a spacious cheese room where you can create a board Of cheese! Live music sites must be visited in the Putney District, such as The Half Moon Lounge, which for decades has hosted an impressive array of orchestras, as well as local theaters such as the Putney Art Theater.
You will also not feel hungry in Putney, as the streets and banks of the river are full of international restaurants that reflect the lively atmosphere in this world-famous region. It is a must visit Bistro Vadovan, which mixes classic French flavors with Middle Eastern and Asian spices, the Isola del Sol restaurant that serves delicious Sardinian-inspired dishes, and the Yamsa restaurant, which is famous for providing the most delicious Thai delicacies and has an art gallery and a meditation room.

Putney includes two stations of the District Line metro, namely Putney Bridge Station and East Putney Station, which are just 15 minutes from Earls Court. London Waterloo station is 20 minutes by train from Putney Station, or it can be reached on the river bus located at the Putney Quay, which directs to other locations along the Thames.

A 5-minute walk from East Putney Metro Station, Lodge Hotel is a boutique hotel with a modern and elegant design. There is also a variety of comfortable hotels to choose from, including the Premier Inn.


Barnes is characterized by being an attractive neighborhood located near the River Thames, which is more like a village in a calm and contains a duck pool that makes you think that you are in the English countryside, knowing that it is only 20 minutes from London. Dig deeper into the area and you will find that its heritage is full of rock stars and that it hosts a special film festival.

First, you can visit elegant restaurants and restrooms located in the middle of the area and along the river. Head to Rick Stein Barnes, which is located by the river and offers a selection of delicious seafood dishes prepared by the award-winning chef. You can also taste italyn cuisine in the distinctive Riva Restaurant, contemplate bohemian décor and eat delicious classic French dishes at Anny’s Restaurant. Lovers of live music shows can spend the best times at The Bulls Head Restaurant. The stunning sunset can be seen on the banks of the river in the White Hart Restaurant.
After that, one must get to know the culture of Barnes neighborhood. The Barnes Film Festival takes place every September and includes a constellation of emerging young talents, as well as film events, workshops, shows and discussions involving prominent personalities in the field of cinema, among them are Stanley Tochy, the award-winning actor and director; Stephen Moffat, writer and program producer. Doctor Hu and Sherlock TV. It is imperative to visit the “Old Sporting Office” art center to attend interesting plays and to participate in the exciting Barnes Fringe Festival. You can enjoy watching a movie at the “Olympic Studios” cinema, which includes one of the most famous music studios in London, the “Olympic Sound” studios in which prominent artists have previously recorded their music, such as Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Hendricks, Oasis and Arctic Monkeys. It should be noted that the great singer Mark Pollan died in a car accident in Barnes, specifically on Queen’s Street, where a rocky shrine bearing a statue of Bulan was still installed and fans and fans visited him. Barnes also includes the London Wetlands Center, which is an ideal place for hiking and sightseeing of all kinds of wildlife.

Barnes is 20 minutes by train from London Waterloo station, or 10 minutes by bus from Hammersmith Underground Station via the Piccadilly Line.

In Hammersmith you will find a range of affordable hotels, but if you want a privacy-rich stay, you can choose one of the guest houses available in the area.


Among the most famous and award-winning attractions in the world are the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. These gardens cover an area of ​​300 acres and grow the largest and most diverse group of plants in the world. In May 2018, The Temple House, the world’s largest Victorian-style greenhouse (opened first in 1863 and now restored). This house contains some of the world’s rarest and most endangered plants. You’ll also see performers fly through the building and giant dolls tell stories of plants. When winter comes, the gardens are adorned with the most beautiful lighting and decoration. You will love to stroll along the pathway that forms a tree-top structure and offers stunning views of the trees and gardens. It is also necessary to visit the pagoda (Buddhist temple), which includes 8 sides and dates back to the eighteenth century, knowing that it underwent a two-year restoration program conducted by the Historical Royal Charities Association.

In Kew, you can explore the smaller royal palaces. The Kew Palace was a haven for King George III and his family, a four-story red brick house dating back to the seventeenth century. Explore the impressive royal kitchens that were preserved as they were more than 200 years ago.
The Kew district includes a wide range of excellent lounges and restaurants. Located near Kew Gardens, The Botanist Kew Resthouse, which is well received by locals and offers a selection of refreshing drinks after visiting the gardens, or it can be visited on Sundays to savor the finest meats at the huge barbecue. For lovers of fine dining, nothing is better than The Glasshouse, owned by the team in charge of London’s leading She Bruce and Trumbet restaurants. Although it is a multi-award winning restaurant, it still has a comfortable atmosphere.

Upon departure from Earls Court, you will be able to reach Kewe within 15 minutes via the Richmond District Metro Line branch. You can also take the train from London Waterloo station to go to Q Bridge, knowing that the journey takes half an hour.

The Coach and Horses lounge is the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing drink, as it houses 31 boutique hotel style rooms.


Richmond Park is a must visit. The latter forms one of the royal gardens and covers an area of ​​2500 hectares, which travels through flocks of deer and ranges extending across the spectacle. It should also be noted that it is located near one of the most crowded cities in the world. This park is an ideal place for picnics, cycling on unpaved roads, hiking, riding horses, running and contemplating the herds of deer that roam the place freely. Richmond Park is on the list of special protected areas in Europe, and it is inhabited by different types of rare wild plants and animals.

The park is a major destination to visit, as is the upscale town of Richmond. You will enjoy the finest shopping experiences as you will find luxury stores and regular boutiques. You can also enjoy the most beautiful evenings when watching West End plays, comedy shows, ballet and many others at the beautiful Victorian Richmond Theater, or enjoy a delicious meal in one of the luxurious restaurants. Ivey Café Richmond offers a distinctive selection of modern British delicacies in an elegant setting. The Petersham Restaurant, located in the Petersham Hotel, offers stunning panoramic views of the Thames and the adjacent Petersham pastures through floor-to-ceiling windows. Strategically located on the banks of the River Thames, Richmond boasts a wide range of lounges, such as the White Cross lounge, whose garden overlooks the beautiful waterfront. If you want to visit Richmond during the winter season, Bear Cellar & Restaurant is an ideal choice for enjoying drinking and dining in the cozy cellar located below two Georgian buildings.
The historic Hamm House in Richmond, which dates back to the seventeenth century and is internationally known for its impressive collection of artwork and furnishings, is a must. He is said to be among the inhabited houses in Britain. There is no doubt that sports fans will spend the most wonderful time in Richmond. It includes the Rugby World Museum, and its permanent galleries contain more than 38,000 items related to this sport, bearing in mind that a program of special exhibitions is hosted.

Upon departure from Earls Court, you will be able to reach Richmond in 15 minutes via the Richmond District Metro Line branch. You can also take the train from Richmond Station to reach London Waterloo Station in 15-30 minutes.

Richmond has a wide range of elegant and classic hotels. The Bingham Hotel is a Georgian country house converted into a boutique hotel overlooking the River Thames. The stylish Richmond Hill Hotel is located a few meters from Richmond Park. The Orange Tree Boutique Hotel is close to Richmond Station, and its rooms are beautifully designed.

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