The Staubach Falls is the third highest waterfall in Switzerland. In the summer, the warm winds revolve around its flowing water to carry spray in all directions to provide a beautiful wet weather for visitors to the valley and Tierbrunnen, and its quiet and beautiful towns. These wonderful waterfalls have always been a picturesque place from which poets draw the most beautiful poems that enrich the archaeological beauty of this enchanting natural wonder.
The waterfalls are about 300 meters high to descend from the tops of a valley suspended above the rocky slopes, and complements the stunning natural painting of the tall and freezing valley and the Tiberbronin near the alpine peaks. There are also many elegant Swiss restaurants and cafes at the mouth of the waterfalls that provide amazing views of the green valley that includes 72 waterfalls.

The flow of water in waterfalls varies between summer and winter, where the intensity of the current increases in the beginning of summer due to melting snow, as the flow increases after the rains, where we find the strength of the current over the fall at such times sufficient to carry water from the abyss, and descend over the rocks in a state of dust Fluid like a mist that swings to light with a gentle breeze.

The flow of waterfalls that flow from the tops of the rocky peaks and from inside the ice caves decreases at the end of the summer. The water descends from the glaciers to paths that penetrate the Swiss green meadows to fall into the valley of Wetterbrunnen. The waterfalls behind them hide wonderful bays that are easily accessible, and visitors can experience paragliding over falling water and high cliffs.

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