Dubai is a land of opportunity, and creates opportunities for those who have passion and ambition, it is Dubai that is racing against time in its journey towards excellence and leadership as a global commercial center and a tourist city of the first class.

And because Dubai is a city that does not stand in front of challenges but rather makes the challenge to be a method for everyone who desires excellence, which is only manufactured by honing talent and then surely by practice, which is what I touched in my dialogue with the students of Dubai College of Tourism.

I met Arbina Sheikh and Nourih Amir who are students at Dubai Tourism College and asked them:

What is your motivation to join the tourism and travel sector?

Arbina Sheikh said: “In addition to working in the travel and tourism sector will allow me to work with people who share my same passion, it also provides his employees the opportunity to meet other people from all walks of life. It is an experience that mutually expands horizons. And travel is a source of tremendous happiness to me. And so I think I have to invest this passion in the sector I love. ”

As for Norah Amir, she answered me, saying, “Frankly, my parents encouraged me. And I feel fortunate that my father and mother work both in Emirates Airlines, and so I managed to travel to many different places easily since I was young, and I used to accompany my mother to work, and this made me realize how much I love to be part of this rapidly developing industry. ”

When I ask them about your future career aspirations?

“I would like to work in the field of aviation, and I am still studying and exploring the best options,” Nuriya Amir replied, “To join the Emirates airline team and to have the opportunity to contribute to my efforts and hard work in the success of this company.”

Then I asked them about their experience at Dubai Tourism College, and how was it?

Arbina Sheikh answered, “Although it is an entirely new experience for me, I have found great appreciation for my aspirations and abilities. They helped me to become a better person. The college atmosphere is wonderful and stimulating, and they are keen on our happiness all the time, and always give us their best. ”

Nuria Amir described her experience as: “Personally, I feel that my college experience was very interesting. She was able to establish wonderful friendships and met many friends, and she overcame one of my fears, which was speaking to the audience. Although I was very hesitant, I soon felt confident in doing this through the tremendous support I received from my classmates and faculty. In general, the experience had a positive impact on me as a person. ”

And I had to ask them about the most prominent challenges facing the tourism sector, and how will their contribution to overcome them through training in college?

Arbina Sheikh said: “The field of tourism and travel often presents a set of problems that need to be dealt with and find solutions to them. Therefore, the ability to find solutions in an ever-changing environment can be refreshing to ideas as an external adventure. ”

She added: “I think the biggest challenge facing a city like Dubai is to maintain the same pace of growth in various sectors. Therefore, we find that the official authorities responsible for the tourism sector in Dubai are constantly working to come up with new ideas capable of attracting visitors and encouraging them to visit the city. As well as working to enrich the visitor’s experience, and adding something new to that experience on an ongoing basis until he has a memory that he takes with him upon his return to his country.

As for Nouriya Amir, she shared her opinion saying: “We all know that the news of negative experiences is transmitted quickly, and just a simple accident that can destroy the reputation and years of hard work done by the institution, but if people with a sense of customer service experience and expertise are employed, it can be addressed Some of these problems are solved before they get worse. Before I graduate, I hope I will be able to solve such issues effectively.

At the end of my meeting with them, I asked them to provide advice to new students who want to join Dubai Tourism College?

Arbina Sheikh’s advice came: “You will have many questions in your head. But my advice is, put all things on your mind completely, and ask how you like. The college provides a unique atmosphere of cooperation and fun, and they will help you make the best decision that suits your interest. You will always feel comfortable, and you will feel like they are your second family.

“I think joining the Dubai College of Tourism was one of the best decisions of my life, and I think it will be the same for you,” she added.

While Nuria Amir gave her advice to the new students saying: “I was among the first batch students, and I was studying alongside other students of different ages, nationalities, and cultural backgrounds, and it was like my second home. Each day represented a new opportunity for us to have fun and learn, and to exchange experiences and knowledge among colleagues. And I say to new students, here at Dubai Tourism College, we are one family and connected. You can always count on us for advice and support, and we will always be there for you. We encourage you and raise your morale. ”

Students of Dubai College of Tourism ... flying after tourism
Students of Dubai College of Tourism … flying after tourism

Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

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