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In a short time, Dubai has become the capital of global prosperity, the most modern city, and the backbone of the Emirati economy. Tourism is one of the city’s most important sources of income and attracts many investments annually, and millions of tourists visit it annually, especially as it enjoys many recreational places and receives individuals of different ages along with its safety and security. It may be seen by many individuals as an expensive and expensive destination, but in reality it is a suitable city for entertainment, whether you are from high budgets, or even those with limited budgets. You can enjoy this charming modern city and here are the most important travel tips for you. Dubai:

Travel advice to Dubai

Navigate in Dubai

The first travel advice to Dubai is the means of transportation to and from the city and its interior because it is the most important element in choosing individuals for their tourist destination, and flights to Dubai are the primary concern for most travelers, which account for the largest part of the travel budget, but offers of promotional companies help to solve this problem As for moving within the city, taxis are available within the city, but it may be difficult to obtain them during rush hours, and you can rent a car without or with a driver provided you get an international driver’s license, and you can rely on public transport, which is managed by the Roads and Transport Authority, as it is considered meter Dubai, which stretches along the coast, and water taxi access to Deira, the city and the public buses, as well as air conditioning, is one of the good means of transport within the city and learn about its features and buildings as well as low cost.Travel advice to Dubai .. the modern global city on - Travel advice to Dubai .. the modern global city on Arab landTraveling in Dubai dupai Read also: Best tourist places in Dubai for young people

Staying in Dubai

Dubai is the first city to relax, rest and spend holidays away from the hustle and bustle, it owns the best hotels and the most famous of them is One & Only “The Palm Island”, you can also take sunbathing, swimming and guide and get the rest, which is the beach city, it is located on the northern coast of the country. The one and two star hotels in Dubai at low cost, cleanliness of rooms and standard services, while the 3-star hotels offer additional facilities, most notably health centers, swimming pools and shuttle services, and you can book the hotel that suits your possibilities after reviewing and comparing the hotel offers. Different on the Internet.1581224754 111 Travel advice to Dubai .. the modern global city on - Travel advice to Dubai .. the modern global city on Arab landAccomodation in Dubai dupai

Shopping in Dubai

Shopping is one of the attractive elements to go to Dubai because it is very special, especially shopping in the famous Mall of Dubai, due to the presence of all international clothing brands on an area of ​​44 square meters of the area of ​​the mall, which made it the largest gathering of international fashion brands in one place, in addition to the presence of opportunities in the mall to buy Sweets are of the finest types, books, paintings, and many souvenirs, which requires more cash and bags to carry what you will buy. As for if you are a budget holder, you can shop at reasonable prices and a great experience; by visiting the jewelry, gold and local markets. As the city organizes annually one of the best shopping festivals around the world, which is the “Dubai Shopping Festival”, we advise you to keep up with your visit to “Dubai” with the date of the festival to take advantage of it and come up with great deals. One of the most important travel tips to Dubai to control your expenses should not not Caring about offers and avoiding random purchase so as not to waste your budget, especially that Dubai is characterized by abundant offers and discounts, and for you to control your credit card.1581224754 604 Travel advice to Dubai .. the modern global city on - Travel advice to Dubai .. the modern global city on Arab landDubai shopping, dupai Read also: Best tourist places in Dubai for families

Restaurants in Dubai

Various restaurants from all cultures and countries are spread in Dubai to offer all kinds that may come to your mind, in Dubai you will find Western restaurants, eastern restaurants, Indian restaurants, Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants and Mexican restaurants, but Arab restaurants are still the best and original in the city, unlike other emerging restaurants And when you want to enter one of the Arab restaurants, you will be confused and advise you to try barbecue restaurants, and you will never regret your choice in a very delicious and wonderful way, and one of the travel advice to Dubai is to consult the local people to know the best medium-cost restaurants.1581224754 473 Travel advice to Dubai .. the modern global city on - Travel advice to Dubai .. the modern global city on Arab landDubai restaurants in dupai

Entertainment in Dubai

Dubai attracts fans of explorations and adventures, through a one-day safari you can try a hot air balloon, and on the next day you can go diving, and go on another day to swim with dolphins in the dolphin bay, as well as visit the beautiful fountains and take pictures of the fascinating ticket, to the side Explore the wonderful architectural buildings, and one of the travel advice to Dubai is not to overlook your camera to record all your dazzling moments in this charming city, “Dubai.” Various travel sites provide visitors to Dubai with the possibility to book various recreational activities through it, and you can take advantage of the special offers. If you are a fan of learning about different civilizations and cultures, you will find in Dubai several museums that showcases the history of the city, its traditions and culture, and Dubai also has a focal point in commercial exchange during the past ages, which is “Dubai Creek”. If you are traveling with your family and children Dubai is one of the cities that welcome children, and provides them with many activities and green spaces in public parks, swimming pools, museums and entertainment centers. You will also find meals for children, in addition to the possibility of providing babysitting services in case of necessity.1581224754 417 Travel advice to Dubai .. the modern global city on - Travel advice to Dubai .. the modern global city on Arab landDubai entertainment, dupai Read also: The best tourist places in Dubai for children

Weather in Dubai

Dubai has only two seasons: the hot season, which is the winter and the hottest season, which is the summer in which the city suffers from the intense heat of 48 degrees Celsius, and in the winter – from October to April – it is distinguished by its blue sky, ideal weather and the splendor of beaches, and in the rainy season in Dubai no It lasts for a long time, so winter is perfect for family holidays in Dubai.1581224754 418 Travel advice to Dubai .. the modern global city on - Travel advice to Dubai .. the modern global city on Arab landDubai weather in dupai

Health in Dubai

Dubai temperatures rise and sun rays are strong throughout the year, so be sure to carry your sunglasses and sunscreen creams and hats so that you are not exposed to heat stroke and overheating. In the event of a health disability, Dubai medical facilities are very good and you can count on hospitals Public, which is free in the event of an emergency, travel advice to Dubai; obtaining a medical insurance policy before travel which is available with insurance companies and also provided by tourism companies and travel agents in agreement with insurance companies that protect you from the high cost that you may cost if you are injured or passed Z.

Your personal safety in Dubai

Dubai in particular, and the Emirates in general, are among the safest places around the world. However, you must follow the necessary precautions to protect yourself, your family and your property in the event of any crisis and you will only need a call from your mobile phone. For ambulance, call 998 or 999, and in In case of fire, call 997, and to contact the police, call 999. As for the Coast Guard, call 04 3450520, and for emergencies or complaints, suggestions or inquiries, call 901. Experts said that one of the travel advice to Dubai is awareness and alertness in the case of visiting recreational places in general in any A tourist destination and avoiding participation in political gatherings Or of the demonstrations, along with caution in the case of cannulation valuables in public places or crowded.1581224754 178 Travel advice to Dubai .. the modern global city on - Travel advice to Dubai .. the modern global city on Arab landYour personal safety in Dubai dupai


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