Gothenburg or Little London, is the second largest city in Sweden after the capital Stockholm, and one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Europe as a whole, which is famous for its picturesque green gardens, wonderful water channels, and the enchanting archipelago, with stunning natural waterfalls, and Gutenberg also offers a mix between culture and history, which It includes castles, forts, and museums that contain many of the country’s unique holdings, and lots of fun you will find throughout this charming city.

Tourism in Gothenburg

Best of Gothenburg hotels

The city of Gothenburg is distinguished by its distinguished package of various hotels, which enjoys a strategic location near the most famous tourist attractions and scenic views across the city. The accommodations provide the finest rooms and suites equipped with the latest facilities, with the provision of the best services, and below we will present a list of the best hotels in Sweden in Gutenberg, according to the opinions and opinions of Arab visitors .. Read more

Swedish city of Gothenburg

Leesburg amusement park

One of the most tourist attractions in Gothenburg, Sweden, the Leesburg theme park is the largest haven of visit because of its interesting leisure facilities. You will have a pleasant time between horseback riding, rollercoaster riding, attending live concerts, alongside the wonderful Christmas market that makes Leesburg A popular attraction for locals and tourists, and for the longest free landing trip in Europe with the roller coaster in the monastery, and in Leesburg Will you will enjoy wonderful views of the city, you will enjoy all that this distinguished city has to offer you of good food, music, games, with a special view of hundreds of thousands of Flowers and Allen Cheerful patat.

Tourism in Gothenburg

Slotskogen park

One of the best free places to do for both locals and tourists in Gothenburg is to stroll around the wonderful Slotskogen, which occupies an area of ​​338 acres, a lush garden, and a small zoo in the heart of the city, this is a great place to spend a special family day, among the elk, Penguins, deer and other animals that live in their natural wild environment.
Among the fun activities in this garden is to take your kids to a pet farm and ride a pony. You can also spend a wonderful time relaxing or wandering in the quiet gardens, wild forests between oak trees and maple. It also allows skiing, biking, and jogging, along with attending Live parties and events including the famous Out West Music Festival, and many distinctive cafes.

Tourism in the city of Gothenburg

Gothenburg Archipelago

This archipelago is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Gothenburg, you can reach it with ferry trips from the port of Saltholmen, which is a car-free zone which makes it an ideal destination for cyclists and hikers, and you can take a water tour in boats, fishing, and many others among the picturesque nature, And the wonderful beaches, the archipelago includes a group of amazing islands, which contain inhabited villages, some dating back to 1752 AD, next to shops, cafes, and distinctive restaurants.

Gothenburg tourism

Gothenburg Botanical Garden

If you want to enjoy some nature while strolling around the sights of Gothenburg, this quiet 432 acre park is a great place to relax.
This tranquil oasis is considered one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe, a nature reserve, with walking paths woven through trees and cultivated orchards, and is home to about 16 thousand different plant species, including some rare species of the forest, and includes many highlights, such as The colorful rhododendron valley, the rocky garden filled with the sounds of a waterfall, the beauty of the garden becomes more beautiful in the spring and summer when the colors of flowers cover the trees of the garden.


Gothenburg Museum of Art

The Gutenberg Museum of Art hosts a collection of works that are considered one of the best works in Northern Europe. The collection covers artworks from the fifteenth century to contemporary pieces, with a special focus on the art of the North, and works by a group of distinguished artists such as Carl Larson, Edward Munch, Picasso And many others, and the photo galleries of the museum deserve to be seen. One of the most prominent features of the museum is the establishment of the annual Hasblad award-winning exhibition. This family-run museum also holds many family activities, between lectures, workshops, and guided tours, and the museum includes a store, And a cafe.

Tourism in the city of Gothenburg

Haga Niigata neighborhood

In the west of the city, the Hague is one of the most important tourist sites in Gothenburg, and the oldest neighborhoods, dating back to the mid seventeenth century, you can stroll along the Haga Niigata neighborhood, this charming area of ​​wonderfully traditional wooden buildings, and cobbled streets that include It includes small shops and cafes.
You can also try one of the largest cinnamon cakes in the world in the cafes spread in this neighborhood, or enjoy fresh seafood, visit chocolate makers for more than 140 years, and many other aspects of enjoyment in the Haga Niigata.

Tourism in Gothenburg


One of the most magnificent places of tourism in Gothenburg in the city center Universe, is the largest scientific center in the Nordic countries, to spend a wonderful day for all the family, among the largest aquariums in Europe, discover the internal rainforests, or enjoy safari trips, watch birds and animals in Its natural environment, then watch the ocean tank, which is home to several different types of sharks, the largest of which is the sand tiger shark, and among the fun activities that can be done in this distinguished center is to visit the space exhibition, the laboratory of jobs, and allows young people to wear different clothes to experience their loved professions , And others Lots of interesting activities at the center of the universe.

Tourism in Gothenburg

Skansen Cronan Castle

A short distance from the city’s historic Haga area, and at a steep altitude from the stairs, Skansen Castle provides a fascinating glimpse of Swedish history dating back to 1697 AD, and was built as a bulwark to defend against threats and attacks, surrounded by cannons from various sides, and the building was used several Uses throughout the ages, and now the castle includes the country’s military museum, a conference center, and there are old army barracks adjacent to the tower, next to a restaurant and a cafe, and the castle also provides a panoramic panoramic view across the city.

Tourism in the city of Gothenburg

Gothenburg Society Park

One of the most beautiful nineteenth century gardens in Europe, here you can stroll among green lawns, rare plants, and historic buildings. Forest gardens with a wonderful collection of roses are a feast for the eyes of the viewers. The park also includes a children’s play area, restaurants, cafes are available On site, concerts and live performances are held throughout the year.

Swedish city of Gothenburg

Nordistan Shopping Center

The Nordistan Center, which is one of the most important shopping destinations, and the most famous tourist attractions in Gothenburg, which is worth a visit, and is the largest shopping center in Scandinavia, with approximately 180 diverse stores, provides the needs of all family members, 150 different offices, and a wide range of restaurants and cafes Distinguished, along with many facilities that give the center’s visitors comfort and luxury while they are in it, including parking spaces, and the center also connects to Gothenburg Central Station.

Tourism in Gothenburg

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