Main Square, Kraków One of the most important tourist places in Poland is located in the heart of the old city in the former capital of Poland Krakow, dating back to the thirteenth century as it was a commercial and tourist headquarters that reflects Polish culture and history throughout the ages.
It is also classified as one of the best public squares on the continent of Europe because of its vibrant day and night, surrounded by a large number of buildings, churches and historical museums. It is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Krakow

The main square Krakow Poland

The best activities in the main square Krakow

• When you visit this wonderful place, you can go to see one of the most beautiful and beautiful churches in Poland, namely St. Mary’s Church, which was crowned by the King of Poland during the Middle Ages.

The main square in Krakow Poland

• When you visit the big square, you can also enjoy watching the Town Town tower, which rises in the air for a distance of 70 meters and its history dates back to more than 600 centuries, if you are a fan of the heights you will have to climb many steps to reach the top of the tower and enjoy a scene Stunning panoramic view of the main square and the city of Krakow as well.

The main square in Krakow, Poland

• A large number of open-air concerts take place on the main square on a daily basis. If you are a music lover looking to learn about different musical tastes, you can sit a little to enjoy.

The main square is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Krakow, Poland

Hotels near Krakow Main Square

Unicus is a 4-star hotel in Poland, located just 400 meters from Krakow’s main square in Poland
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Grand Scott Hotel is a 4-star Krakow hotel, located only 600 meters from the main square Krakow Poland
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Most of the Arab visitors gave this hotel an excellent rating with positive comments on cleanliness, good staff handling, quality of the site, and other negative comments also on the car park.
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The main square site Krakow

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