The city of Yanbu is one of the most important tourism cities in Saudi Arabia, located on the shore of the Red Sea, which has increased its tourist value, and tourism in Yanbu is characterized by archaeological sites, wonderful beaches and cornices that extend along the city’s beach, and the city also has many high-end hotels and resorts that provide great services for its visitors .

Best hotels in Yanbu

The city of Yanbu contains many high-end hotels that are no less important than Saudi hotels, and we will mention on the Best Hotels tab based on the reviews and opinions of their visitors .. Read more

Best hotels in Yanbu

The best beaches in Yanbu

In the article, we will learn about the best beaches in Yanbu, which are:

Corniche, Yanbu al-Bahr, Yanbu

The Corniche contains areas designated for swimming, many parks, playgrounds and entertainment areas for children, while beside it there are many museums, mosques and green gardens that are decorated with palm trees. It is considered one of the best beaches of Yanbu al-Bahr

The Corniche stems from the best beaches in Yanbu

Oyster Island

This island is considered one of the most prominent tourist places in Yanbu, an area of ​​521 square meters, the Royal Commission manages the beaches in it, providing places for swimming, camping and windsurfing, as well as shaded places, barbecue areas and watchtowers equipped with many specialized rescuers. It is one of the best beaches in Yanbu al-Bahr.

Al-Mahar Island is one of the best beaches of Yanbu

Beach Royal Commission in Yanbu

It is located near the industrial city of Yanbu, and the Royal Commission in Yanbu has prepared the beach with sites designated for swimming, and the beach has been served with umbrellas, and the beach is considered one of the best beaches of Yanbu al-Bahr, where visitors come from the cave of areas near it.

The Royal Commission Beach is one of the best beaches of Yanbu al-Bahr

Anchorage dreams

The Marina of Tourist Dreams is distinguished by its location on Sharm Yanbu’s façade, which made it a popular destination for tourists. The beach also provides many activities for its visitors, including diving, discovering the small islands located near it, and its golden sandy beaches. It also provides families with all the joy and excitement that it looks for, Children can also capture sea snails and enjoy their time, and this beach is one of the best beaches of Yanbu al-Bahr.

Anchorage dreams of the best beaches in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

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