Istanbul is one of the largest and most popular tourist cities in Turkey and the most popular and visited by Arab tourists, because of its antique buildings and charm attracting attention such as museums, palaces and mosques with a long history, with an infinite number of picturesque natural attractions such as parks, rivers Parks, as well as well-known Istanbul restaurants.
Istanbul markets are also added to the list of the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul, the most requested among city visitors, so our tour today will be in the most famous wholesale markets in Turkey Istanbul to sell textiles, ready-made clothes, evening wear, leather for shoes and bags, etc., as well as we recommend to you a selection of the best hotels in Turkey in Istanbul is proven and highly rated.

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Best hotels in Istanbul

Istanbul includes a series of the most famous and famous hotels in Turkey, some of which are world famous. This report includes a package of the best Istanbul hotels in its most famous tourist neighborhoods, close to the wholesale markets in Istanbul, relying on the opinions of its former visitors .. Read more

Wholesale markets in Istanbul

The most famous wholesale market in Istanbul

Istanbul wholesale markets are considered one of the most popular markets in Istanbul and the best shopping destinations in Turkey that the locals and tourists coming to visit the city and even merchants to get the best consumer and household goods, foodstuffs, fabrics, etc., we have chosen for you the best and most famous of Istanbul’s tried and tested markets:

Osmanbey Market in Istanbul

The wholesale market in Istanbul on Osmanbey Street is more special for women, as it displays many women’s products such as clothes, bags, shoes, cosmetics, evening dresses, etc. This market is located near Taksim Square, which is packed with tourists, so you will find the pleasure of shopping and tourism in Istanbul in At the same time turning the market and its old alleys .. Read more

Istanbul wholesale markets

Al-Fateh Market

It is called the Wednesday market because it is held every Wednesday of every week and it is one of the distinctive wholesale markets of Istanbul. It includes the finest fruits, vegetables, cheese and spices, not to mention clothes and shoes, all of them at wholesale prices. Al-Fateh market is not only a wholesale market in Istanbul. Al-Fateh has made it a first-class historical tourist attraction, as it is located next to the most famous tourist attractions in Istanbul such as the Grand Bazaar, Al-Fatih Mosque .. Read more

Wholesale markets in Istanbul

Lalali Market in Istanbul

One of Istanbul’s most famous markets for local and popular wholesale, Lalali Market is located in Lalali region, the most vibrant and visited area of ​​Istanbul, and it is very popular and widespread among the local population and foreign tourists, providing it with high quality products through the largest shops and stores at reasonable prices that suit all budgets .. read more

Wholesale markets in Istanbul

Marter Market in Istanbul

One of the most famous wholesale markets in Istanbul among the Arabs, as it displays many products for veiled clothes, children and men in high quality and at very cheap prices, within more than 2000 exhibition for selling Turkish products, and what distinguishes this wholesale market in Istanbul is that it contains companies specialized in customs clearance , Which helps merchants facilitate their task of purchasing and shipping with minimal effort and cost … Read more

Istanbul wholesale market

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