The Republic of Somalia is an Arab country located in the Horn of Africa and has the longest sea coast in Africa, making it to the top of the list of African tourist countries.
Somalia combines the past represented by fossils and monuments, along with mosques, temples and inscriptions dating back thousands of years, and the present represented by the fascinating coastlines and luxury resorts.

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Before traveling to Somalia

The Islamic religion is the main religion in the country with some minor exceptions, as the Somali people are African people, most of whom follow almost one religion.
Somalia climate is hot dry most of the year and the dominant language is Arabic and Somali.
As for the currency circulated in the country, it is the Somali shilling, which you can use in restaurants, hotels and various tourist attractions.
Somalia hotels also vary in their level of service and prices to suit all guests.

What are the seasons of tourism in Somalia?

The best seasons to travel to Somalia are the winter months (from December to February) as temperatures are temperate due to monsoons that help soften the weather.
During the summer months, the temperatures are very high with drought, so it is advised to stay in the coastal areas to reduce the intensity of the air temperature during this time.
In the next few lines, we will get to know the best tourist cities in Somalia

Tourism in Mogadishu

The city of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, is characterized by a magical location on the beach of the Indian Ocean to the west.

Tourism in Somalia

Tourism in Hargeisa

It is the second largest tourism city in Somalia in terms of area and due to its rise above sea level, the city is distinguished by its cold climate in winter and warm in summer.
The city provides a large number of attractions, especially natural areas such as plateaus, forests and wonderful savannah.

Tourism in Somalia

Tourism in Kismayo

Kismayo is one of Somalia’s most important coastal cities and the most beautiful tourist city in Somalia, with its waters characterized by blue and serenity with enchanting golden sands.
Kismayo also possesses important ports that throughout history have been of great economic and tourist importance.

Tourist cities of Somalia

Tourism in Bleduine

The town of Belduine is located in the Shabelle Valley, near the border with Ethiopia, so it is characterized by an important economic position next to its tourist position, where the charming river Shabelle cuts the town into two halves, providing a coast that includes a number of wonderful tourist and recreational attractions, and is one of the most important tourist attractions in it.

Tourism inside Somalia

Tourism in Bosasso

Boosaaso is one of the most beautiful tourism cities in Somalia, as it shares a wonderful coast with the waters of the southern coast of the Gulf of Aden in white sand, and it is one of the most economical and tourist cities in Somalia.
Boosaaso has a number of other natural beauty areas such as plateaus, grasslands, lakes and various wildlife.

Somalia tourism

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