Where is Slovakia located and how to travel to Slovakia

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Slovakia is a country that has a special charm for its picturesque nature, its charming castles, especially its wonderful beaches, and therefore it is abundant with tourists from all countries of the world for most of the year with the intention of visiting the most prominent tourist attractions in Slovakia, the most notable of which are San Martin Cathedral, Space Castle and others.
You can discover more of the history of Slovakia, its culture and its wonderful traditions if you decide to travel to it, but at first you need to know the most accurate details about the country such as where is Slovakia located on the map and how far is it between it and its most important tourist cities, below we will learn how to travel to Slovakia with maps It shows the means of transportation between its famous tourist cities, and we will answer many questions that come to mind to be your guide during travel.

Where is Slovakia located and how to travel to Slovakia - Where is Slovakia located and how to travel to Slovakia

Where is Slovakia located on the map?

The Slovak Republic is located in central Europe, bordered by the Czech Republic to the northwest, Poland to the north, and east of Ukraine, while it is bordered to the south by Hungary, and it is located 91 km southwest of the State of Austria.
Below is a map that shows exactly where Slovakia is located.

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How to travel to Slovakia

Any person who wishes to travel to Slovakia must bring a valid passport to the embassy of Slovakia in his country and he must not have passed the issuance of more than 10 years, and he must be valid for 3 months after the expiration of the required visa period, in addition to bringing a photocopy with attachment Health insurance policy.

The distance between the most important cities of Slovakia

After you got to know where Slovakia is located, we will show in detail the distances between the most important cities and means of transportation between them, with maps attached to each city.

Where is Kosice located in Bratislava?

The distance from the city of Kosice and Bratislava is estimated at 406 km, which is equivalent to about 4 hours and 28 minutes traveling by car along the path shown on the map.

Where is Przno located from Jelena?

Przno is about 142 km away from ناilina, which is approximately two hours, but 5 minutes travel along the fastest route shown on the map below.

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Where is Prechef located from Nitra?

The distance between the two cities is calculated in km, about 314 km, equivalent to 3 hours and 24 minutes. Travel in your own car. To find out more about the route, you can see the map below.

Where is Piestany from Boenice, located?

The distance between the two cities is estimated at 97.7 km, equivalent to about an hour and 13 minutes, travel by car via Route 9, as shown in the attached map.

How far is Levocha from Trenشينín

The distance between Levocha and Trencin is approximately 246 kilometers, which is equivalent to 2 hours and 36 minutes using your private car.

Where is Bratislava from Nitra?

The distance according to Google Maps was estimated at about 96.0 km, which is approximately one hour of driving by driving along the path shown to you on the attached map.

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How much is the distance between Boenice of Gelina

The distance from Buenice to Gelina is calculated at 64.4 km, which is approximately 1 hour and 7 minutes travel by private car.

Where is Prechef located from Trenشينín?

The distance between the two cities is estimated at 297 km, which is approximately 3 hours and 6 minutes, using your own car via the fastest route shown in the map below.

After we learned about where Slovakia is located and the distances that link each city to another, you can get to know the most important landmarks and places of tourism in Slovakia by visiting the following link .. Read more

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