The 5 most beautiful tourism cities in Brunei

المسافرون العرب

Brunei is the Kingdom of Gold, a myth that boasts a state of wealth and pride. It is the elegant Sultanate encrusted with gold in its various parts, and one of the most beautiful tourist destinations, and a unique destination that attracts tourists from different countries of the world, to discover the magic and beauty in all its parts, where Brunei has tourism with a taste Private, it is famous for its sandy beaches with stunning views, its tropical rainforests, and the Oulu Tamborong National Park which offers hiking trails with glimpses of traditional wildlife.
The Sultanate of Brunei also provides unique religious tourism, so it is home to a large number of famous mosques, including the luxurious Mosque of Sultan Hassan Bolkiah with 29 golden domes, the Istana Nurul Iman Grand Palace which is the seat of the ruling Sultan in his Sultanate of Brunei, museums, in addition to water villages, open markets , High-end shopping malls, all this and more on this stunning Brunei land.

The best tourist seasons in Brunei

Brunei’s climate is the climate of tropical rain forests, and is characterized by a warm climate throughout the year, with annual temperatures ranging from 26.2 ° C and 28.3 ° C, and the year in Brunei is divided into three seasons, varying weather conditions between drought and rain, as well as the wind season.
The dry season begins in the beginning of January until the end of May, and includes the spring and winter seasons, and it is one of the most beautiful seasons that allow visiting the picturesque beaches and attractions of Brunei Sultanate, and exploring its forests, where the country reigns in a refreshing atmosphere, as this season is the tourist peak in Brunei.
The heat season, which runs between June and August, and includes the summer, although they are the hottest months and high humidity, but the Sultan’s birthday celebrations are among the most important events that attract tourists.
As for the rainy and windy season, it comes in September to November, and the fall season, which is characterized by rain, includes monsoons, and cold weather prevails throughout the Sultanate, so we do not recommend traveling in this season so as not to spoil your vacation.

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How long can I stay in Brunei

You can stay in the Sultanate of Brunei for a period ranging between 30 to 90 days, after obtaining the visa through the Brunei embassy in your country, after making sure that your passport is valid for a period of not less than six months, but be careful, some Arab countries are allowed to stay 14 days Only, as some Arab countries are entitled to obtain an entry visa upon arrival at Brunei Airport.

Tourism in Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei

One of the most beautiful tourism cities in Brunei, and its glittering capital, which is famous for the Sultan Omar Mosque on the luxurious Seif Al-Din surrounded by the lake, and decorated with chandeliers, stained glass, and italyn marble, and the Royal Regalia Museum displays luxury souvenirs presented to the Sultan, and to the north of the capital there is the era of Hassan Balki Mosque Who owns 29 golden domes, the Istana Nurul Palace is the huge shimmering residence of the Sultan of the country.
Along the Brunei River, you will find the Brunei Center for Arts and Crafts, offering traditional textiles and wood carvings, and the Brunei Museum displays the rich heritage of the Kingdom, in addition to the Malaysian Museum of Technology on Malay Culture. Kampung Air Venice in the East includes the wonderful water villages built on the Brunei River, Tasik Lama Theme Park also includes green spaces and a watchtower overlooking the city.
The proposed duration to visit the landmarks in Bandar Seri Begawan is 3 days.
The 5 most beautiful tourism cities in Brunei - The 5 most beautiful tourism cities in Brunei

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Tourism in Kuala Belait Brunei

One of the most famous places of tourism on the island of Brunei, whose name literally means the mouth of the Belet River, is the second largest settlement in the country after the capital Bandar Seri Begawan, and includes a silver jubilee park that was built to revive the silver jubilee of Sultan Hassan al-Balqiyya on his throne, as a gift from the Kuala people, Beaches along the South China Sea, and the historical village of Kuala Palai.
It also includes the distinctive Kampung Pandan Mosque, City Museum, Tudong Sagi Market that contains restaurants that serve local cuisine, and is the appropriate place where people sell their products on the weekend, as well as the Kuala Belait Boat Club, and many of the attractions worth visiting in Kuala Belait .
The proposed duration to visit the sights of Kuala Belait is two days.
1581379288 935 The 5 most beautiful tourism cities in Brunei - The 5 most beautiful tourism cities in Brunei

Tourism in Moara Brunei

Moarra is one of the most distinguished cities of Burnay with its magnificent Islamic architecture and the green natural geography of the land.It is an example of harmonious traditional culture, it is the smallest of the four regions of Brunei, and the most crowded, and Moara houses the Sultanate’s only main deepwater port.
The city of Moara is located along the southern coast of the Sea of ​​China, where it is famous for its beaches with stunning views, charming nature, with crystal water, and soft white sand, the beach extends for about a mile, and includes amenities that provide comfort, including a well-equipped picnic area, a children’s playground, In addition to the presence of food and drink stalls.
The proposed time to visit Moara sightseeing is one day.
1581379288 158 The 5 most beautiful tourism cities in Brunei - The 5 most beautiful tourism cities in Brunei

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Tourism in Totong Brunei

Tutong district is one of the four regions in Brunei, known as the white city because of the intensity of its white sand, and it looks like it is covered with snow, as well as a wonderful group of tourist attractions in Brunei, including the Merimban Heritage Complex which is surrounded by the largest lake in the Sultanate with a small island, and a beach Seri Kinnangan is very popular in the country because of its amazing nature.
In addition to the Songhai Basong Theme Park which includes a small lake, cottages, and an open area for many activities, Tutong Kampung Serapagagon Open Market is one of Brunei’s most colorful and colorful markets serving local products, and the Badano Waterfall amusement park with stunning scenery. You can also go to A citrus farm in the poncho Eco Park, you will have a great vacation amongst this wonderful city.
The proposed duration of sightseeing in Totong is one day.
1581379288 410 The 5 most beautiful tourism cities in Brunei - The 5 most beautiful tourism cities in Brunei

Tourism in Seria Brunei

It is a wonderful coastal city located on the northeastern shore of Brunei Island, which has become a center for the oil and gas industry, and also includes many places worth visiting, perhaps the most important of the Pekan Siria Mosque is the first mosque in the Sultanate with its elegant architectural design equipped with domes, an oil and gas discovery center, and an interactive museum Run by Brunei Shell Petroleum,
In addition to the million barrel monument that was built to celebrate the billion barrels of crude oil produced from the Siria field, you can also visit country clubs, the Banaga Club, which includes an 18-hole golf course in a club, and the Brunei Shell Amusement Club with Equestrian Area.
The proposed duration of sightseeing in Totong is one day.
1581379288 915 The 5 most beautiful tourism cities in Brunei - The 5 most beautiful tourism cities in Brunei

Best Brunei hotels

Brunei includes luxury hotels with a great variety and satisfactory, as they provide accommodations equipped with the latest facilities, and provide the best services to guests, in addition to their distinguished location overlooking the most important sights, and below we will display details of the best hotels in Brunei, according to the reviews and opinions of Arab visitors .. Read more

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