Palais Garnier is the most famous and most luxurious opera house in Paris, and one of the most famous and visited tourist destinations in France in the world.
The house accommodates 1,979 spectators, and was built in the 19th century AD, and it was named for the palace due to the extravagance of its construction, and Garnier is named after the architect who designed and built it.
Garnier Palace was and remains the city’s main opera house, where celebrities sing operatic singing, along with ballet performances.
Among the symbols of Paris, such as the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum and the Church of the Sacred Heart, it is among the most expensive buildings in Europe.
Garnier Palace includes the Bibliotheque Museum, which is a library of the Paris Opera, which is considered a historical heritage and part of the National Library of France.

Garnier Palace in Paris

The best activities at the Paris Garnier Palace

• You can wander around the Paris Opera District to take pictures of the building’s golden columns and sculptures, as the building is considered one of the most expensive, luxurious and brilliant European buildings.

Garnier Palace Paris

• You can also enjoy a tour of the building, starting with the huge staircase that includes exciting sculptures and luxurious chandeliers, and don’t forget to take pictures of the ceiling paintings.

Garnier Palace is one of the most important places of tourism in Paris

• The stairs then end in the large lobby, which is a reception hall measuring 18 meters high, 154 meters long and 13 meters wide.

Garnier Palace in Paris is one of the best tourist places in France

You must visit the theater, which seats approximately 1,979 viewers, and is the largest in Europe, with a capacity of up to 450 artists.

Garnier Palace Theater

• Then you can go through the gift store to buy some souvenirs and useful books, along with a number of party records of the largest opera singers.

Gift shop in Garnier Palace

• End your tour with a break for a delicious French meal or European dish in the palace restaurant, which is characterized by its diversity, and its sophisticated session.

Paris Opera District


Everyday from 9:00 am until 19:00 pm, and the last entry is at 18:00 pm.

Entry prices

Enter the Garnier Palace in Paris, 11 euros per person.
Ballet shows 27 euros per person.
Opera concerts are announced one week before the concert.
For those under 12 and for people with special needs.

Garnier Palace in Paris Hotels – Paris

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Le Ducane’s Atriot Portfolio, a 5-star hotel in France, Paris, with very good reviews, 3.3 km from Garnier Palace in Paris
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Garnier Palace in Paris location on the map

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