Let us take you on a visit to the oldest royal garden in London, Greenwich Park, where its establishment dates back to the Romen era, and is considered one of the most important tourist places in London
Greenwich Park is located on an area of ​​183 acres, and includes a large number of attractions. In addition to the vast green areas, it includes tennis courts, a children’s playground and a number of cafes.

London Greenwich Park

Things to do in Greenwich Park:

• This place must be located between the arms of nature, from vast green areas to flowers and flowers of wonderful colors and trees scattered throughout the garden, it must be a very suitable place to take a wonderful walk, or to wander around nature

London Greenwich Park

• During your wandering in the park it is necessary to visit the wild area where there are a number of deer that were spread in the garden before and they are now all joined in one area, there are paths that allow you to stand with them to monitor those deer and many types of birds

London Greenwich Park

• You can also pass by the Queen’s Orchard, a region where vegetables and fruits are grown, such as apples, apricots and peaches. It is worth noting that this region has special dates for visiting.
You can go up to the hill opposite the Thames if you want to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the city of London and see its sights, especially the Thames from above.

London Greenwich Park

• Visiting the important Royal Observatory, through which time is determined throughout Greenwich Mean Time, from which distance is measured to any place in the world.
• The park includes a games park for children’s games. If you accompany your children, they must be allowed to visit that park and enjoy the games.

London Greenwich Park

Greenwich Park also includes a small lake that allows you to ride boats and take a simple tour. This experiment is a must to add some fun to your trip.

London Greenwich Park

• There are also tennis courts, if you love this sport, you can do it in one of these courts with the person you accompany.

London Greenwich Park

• In such a wonderful atmosphere, you might want to enjoy a cup of your favorite drink, so the garden offers a number of cafes and stalls to choose from.

London Greenwich Park

• Perhaps when you visit the Greenwich Park you would like to pass the National Maritime Museum, which is located next to the park and is one of the most famous museums and includes a collection of exhibits on the sea and sailing and its history.

London Greenwich Park

Visit times:

Every day from six in the morning until six in the evening.
Free admission.

Greenwich Hotels – Greenwich:

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Greenwich Park site

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