Alshafa Village is located 20 kilometers southwest of the city of Taif and is famous for its mild climate, green nature, and tall mountains.
The village is one of the important tourist areas in Saudi Arabia, which are covered with juniper trees and rich orchards that produce the finest vegetables and fruits.
Visitors to the village are increasing in summer due to its mild weather and being one of the best resorts in the area near Mecca.
The village includes many tourist centers, chalets and rest houses, which host many visitors to the region because of its distinctive natural views.

A scene from the village of Al-Shifa in Taif

Activities you can do

• Beginning with you and your children, you can enjoy a walk around the village that includes many mountain areas, green plains and springs.

Tour of the village of Al-Shifa in Taif

• The village also includes some tourist resorts that you can spend time in, to enjoy the activities and playgrounds for children and others.

Shifa village resorts in Taif

• The village is considered one of the best camping and mountaineering places in the country, where you can enjoy spending a picturesque night amid the charming nature of the place.

Camping in the village of Al-Shifa in Taif

• Do not forget to take pictures of the huge rock area that surrounds the lakes and springs of the village, which is one of the natural wonders in its compactness and coordination.

Rocky mountains in the village of Al-Shifa in Taif

You must pass through the village’s orchards to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables, which are considered to be the finest types of crops in all parts of the country.

Al-Shifa Village plantations in Taif

Hotels near Al Shifa Village

Zahrat Al Lotus Hotel and Resort from Taif with very good ratings, and is 400 meters from Al Shifa Village in Taif
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The location is excellent and quiet, the staff are helpful and the rooms are comfortable.
Hotel reservation
Farah Al-Shifa Hotel Apartments from Saudi Arabia Taif with good reviews, and is 700 meters from the village of Al-Shifa Taif
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The location is excellent and close to the village landmarks, the rooms are clean and upscale, the services are good.
Hotel reservation

Al-Shifa Village website

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