Al Ain National Museum is one of the oldest museums in the city of Al Ain, which displays the history of the city and its heritage throughout the ages such as the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Islamic Age, and other ages, and therefore it has a special place among the tourist places in Al Ain
This museum was a palace and then it turned into a museum to show the different aspects of life in the Emirates. The museum is divided into three different sections: the anthropology department, the archeology section and the souvenir section.

Al Ain National Museum, Emirates

The most important things to do in Al Ain National Museum

• Learn about the ethnography section of the Al Ain Museum, which shows the life of the ancient person in the Emirates and displays women’s clothing and some of its old cosmetic tools.

The famous Al Ain National Museum

• You can see many old copies of the Holy Quran book, as well as a collection of old Emirati manuscripts.

Al Ain National Museum Emirates

• You can also enjoy watching snapshots of the ancient life of people in the Emirates, where there are some figures of people sitting together in meetings on Arab sessions.

Al Ain National Museum

The Department of Archeology includes many tools dating back to different eras, such as pottery, vases, iron and bronze tools, through which you can conquer a part of Emirati life.

The wonderful Al Ain National Museum

You can also see a model of some of the ancient castles and the surrounding houses that were built of mud-brick, and that mimic the real castles of these periods of history.

Al Ain National Museum of the Emirates

• It was ancient that some predatory birds were embalmed like falcons to show off and to be kept for a long time as they are, you can see some of these birds inside the museum.

Al Ain National Museum of the Emirates

• You can see souvenirs from the gold, bronze and silver swords that Sheikh Zayed Al Naihan received at Al Ain Museum.

Al Ain National Museum in the Emirates

You can also see many kinds of ancient weapons that people used in different wars in the past.

Al Ain National Museum Emirates

times of work

All days of the week from 8:30 in the morning until 19:30 in the evening.
Except on Friday from 15:00 PM to 19:30 PM.
On Monday it is closed.

Entry prices

Adults 50 AED.
Children under 10 years are free.

The best hotels near the Al Ain National Museum

Ayla Grand Hotel is one of the best hotels in Al Ain, in the Emirates, 1.6 km from Al Ain Museum.

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Al Ain Hilton Hotel is one of the best hotels in the Emirates in Al Ain, as it is close to Al Ain Museum, about 2 km away.

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Al Ain National Museum site

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