Wadi Hanifa in Riyadh is one of the best tourist places in Saudi Arabia and one of the most important parks in Riyadh, as it reaches 80 km in length, and it has won many rounds, the last of which is the Aga Khan International Prize for Architecture.
Wadi Hanifa Park also includes many beauty and amazing views of the green spaces and many wonderful parks and the lake, in addition to restaurants, cafes, and a private car park. It also includes distinct scenery corridors, soccer fields, service facilities and chapels.

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The best activities in Wadi Hanifa, Riyadh

• Enjoy a tour of the banks of the valley surrounded by the most beautiful natural paintings that capture the eyes and delight the soul. It also provides distinguished facilities that allow visitors to spend the most enjoyable times. You can also sit around the lake.

Wadi Hanifa Park

• The site of Wadi Hanifa Park in Riyadh includes 5 parks inside it, which is the Dam Al-Alab Park, Wadi Hanifa Dam, the Stone Dam, Masan Lake, and Lake Al-Jazah, all of which are distinguished by the enchanting nature, you can visit them and enjoy all of the beauty of this valley.

Wadi Hanifa Park site in Riyadh

• For football fans, Wadi Hanifa Park provides you with an equipped and lit stadium, so that you can practice your favorite sport, to perform a unique match among the trees and the wonderful green spaces.

Wadi Hanifa in Riyadh

• In Wadi Hanifa, Riyadh, enjoy having fun barbecues, with family or friends, as it is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have on this special, fun and relaxing journey.

Wadi Hanifa, Riyadh

Enjoy the pedal rides on the lake in the heart of the Wadi Hanifa Park, where it offers wonderful views and fresh air, and an atmosphere filled with joy and excitement that will surely have all the charm and beauty of nature.

Wadi Hanifa Park, Riyadh

• Ad-Diriyah is one of the most important historical areas in Wadi Hanifa, which consists of three neighborhoods, namely Al-Tarif neighborhood, which includes the House of Al Saud surrounded by an enclosed wall overlooking the city, Ghusaybah and is the first capital of the old Diriyah, and finally the distinctive Al-Bujairi neighborhood that combines history and modernity.

Wadi Hanifa Park, Riyadh

• Restaurants in the Wadi Hanifa Park site in Riyadh, which provide distinctive menus, you will find a wonderful diversity in order to satisfy all tastes of the park’s visitors, and the high quality of the food provided is taken into account.

Wadi Hanifa Park site in Riyadh

• Wadi Hanifa Park in Riyadh also includes distinctive cafes, where you can sip a cup of coffee with the taste of distinction that fills this wonderful valley, amid the picturesque nature.

Wadi Hanifa in the city of Riyadh

• A children’s play area that carries a lot of joy and joy, to complete this special family day, and for every member of the family to have the maximum joy and enjoyment.

Hanifa Valley Park in Riyadh

The best hotels near Wadi Hanifa in Riyadh

Braira Olaya Hotel is one of the best hotels in Riyadh, which is 19.0 km from Wadi Hanifa in Riyadh.
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The hotel is rated excellent for location, cleanliness, and great reviews in terms of comfort, staff and facilities.
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The Ober Hotel Riyadh is one of the best Saudi hotels in Riyadh, 18.0 km from Wadi Hanifa in Riyadh.
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The hotel is rated very good in terms of staff, hygiene, comfort, location, and facilities.
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Wadi Hanifa site in Riyadh

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