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Jerash is one of the cities that had a great and prosperous role in the second and third centuries AD, and it is a Greek city that embraces many different and attractive Romen ruins and ruins such as: Al-Amoud Street which consists of more than one hundred columns, and two theaters, one of them smaller than the other, and the Arc of Victory, And many temples spread around, including multiple churches.

The Pasha Palace

Ali Pasha Al-Kayed built the Pasha Palace in the early thirties, specifically with the end of the rule of the Ottoman era and the beginning of the era of eastern Jordan, to be the main headquarters that is located on the road that links the city of Jerash to the city of Ajloun, and the city of Irbid, to discuss the various tribal provisions at that time, and the palace is divided To three floors; the first floor is dedicated to horse stables in addition to kitchens, and the second floor is a large bureau dedicated to public events and to receive guests and heads of clans, and the third floor is a group of rooms that were built with different sizes and a balcony overlooking multiple areas in The palace, the wonderful mountains of the city.

Jerash Archeology Museum

The Jerash Archeology Museum was established in the basement of the Temple of Artemis in the year 1923 AD, and this museum is interested in displaying archaeological discoveries and mosaic paintings that were discovered in the city of Jerash, where the museum includes large numbers of different artifacts that have different shapes and types such as glass, pottery, metal, currency, stone, and stones. In addition to jewelry, statues, and stone and marble altars, the museum has witnessed many external and internal repairs and renovations, and has been added to it cabinets to display a set of antiquities that existed in ancient times, and that date back to the period Located between the Stone Age to the Mamluk era, it has been arranged in chronological order taking into account for each of them.

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